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Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

I’m now taking excerpts from my recently published book in the award winning Badari Warriors series, REEDE’S MISSION TO THE SECTORS. It can be read as a standalone (mild spoilers for first book, REEDE.)

The excerpt: I’ve gone a short way into the book, when Reede’s ship has been intercepted by a Sectors Border Patrol vessel. Fallyn Damara is Reede’s human mate and a Sectors Survey Scout. The not so warm welcome-to-the-Sectors continues. Reede and Walt are in a guarded conference room and Fallyn is meeting the captain of the ship they’re on. Suddenly the captain receives a message, terminates his interview with Fallyn and…

The captain strode away, moving fast as if eager to accomplish a task, and the others fell into formation behind him. Fallyn ended up in the center of the guards, as before, and as she proceeded to move through the decks toward the room where Reede and Walt waited, she tried to send her mate a pulse through the mate bond. She was much better at it than she had been but not being a naturally psychic individual, she could only transmit fairly blunt emotions.

Hoping Reede would get the right message, she tried to convey her general unease.

Fallyn’s concern ratcheted up immensely when they reached the area of the conference room and she found a second squad of armed men and women waiting for them. Heedless of military protocol, she sped up and touched the captain’s sleeve. “Sir, why all the security?”

“You’ll see, Lt Damara. No one’s going to get hurt, I give you my word.”

Distrusting his repressed air of excitement, she could only stand back as the door was opened and the first group of soldiers entered, deploying as if breaching an enemy stronghold. The captain motioned for her to precede him and as she entered the conference room, relief flooded over her to find Reede sitting calmly in his chair, unharmed. Walt had risen and moved to stand beside Reede as if to be a bodyguard. The security forces tracked his movement with their hot weapons.

“You’re under arrest for crimes against the Sectors,” Captain Ballard said to Reede, facing him across the table. “No more of this bullshit about being an ambassador and begging for help. Don’t waste my time.”

VS: Next week I’ll probably skip ahead to another scene because it would get spoiler-y otherwise.


Reede’s people sent him to the Sectors on a desperate mission to beg for help against overwhelming odds in their battle to destroy the alien scientists who created them centuries ago. He knew the task wasn’t going to be easy but as a Badari Warrior, he vowed to do his best. When he’s arrested by the border patrol and thrown in the brig, things go from bad to worse. He faces difficult choices ahead and unimaginable obstacles to making his case to the authorities for help.

Fallyn is Reede’s human fated mate but also the active duty military scout who guided him to the Sectors from his own planet. Reede’s choices after his arrest put her in a difficult spot and his actions threaten their mate bond. Will she give up her career to help him and the Badari succeed in making a treaty with the Sectors?

The desperate attempt to find new allies takes Reede and Fallyn on a wild set of adventures across the sprawling interstellar Sectors civilization and places them, their friends and their love in harm’s way.

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