I’ve Been Bored Weekend Writing Warriors

Here’s the link to the Weekend Writing Warriors central page, so you can visit all the participants sharing excerpts today…a fun way to sample new books and find new authors! (Also welcome to the Sunday Snippet visitors!)

I’m now taking excerpts from my recently published book in the award winning Badari Warriors series, REEDE’S MISSION TO THE SECTORS. It can be read as a standalone (mild spoilers for first book, REEDE.)

This will be the last excerpt from REEDE’S MISSION TO THE SECTORS as I just had a new release STAR CRUISE STAR SONG (see details at the very end of this post). I’ll be taking excerpts from that after today.

The excerpt (Fallyn meets the Roxy)

Fallyn made her way to the cockpit, sat in the pilot’s chair and inserted the ownership chit in the proper receptacle. There was a chiming sound and Roxy spoke to her in a pleasant midrange tone of voice.

“Enter ownership and authority code.”

A military AI couldn’t have been more matter of fact. Fallyn did as requested and was startled when a noisy fanfare blasted over the coms. A tiny holo suddenly appeared in the center of the flight deck, sending Fallyn’s adrenaline soaring.

“Welcome to my ship,” the woman said. “Well, your ship now, I guess. I’ll miss her but it was time for me to trade up. Roxy never let me down and she’ll have your six too.” One hand on the butt of the blaster at her hip and eyes narrowed, the figure shook her finger at Fallyn. “Treat her right—if I ever hear she’s been disrespected or sold for scrap I’ll hunt you through the galaxy and put an end to you.” The holo gazed around at the interior of the cockpit and sighed. “May you only have clear skies and fair stars to steer by. Lords of Space watch over you.”

And she was gone.

Fallyn blinked.

“I’m Roxy,” the ship said, now adopting an informal tone, voice cheerful. “Welcome. I’ve been bored sitting here waiting for a new owner authority.”

VS: And the adventure continues from there…


Reede’s people sent him to the Sectors on a desperate mission to beg for help against overwhelming odds in their battle to destroy the alien scientists who created them centuries ago. He knew the task wasn’t going to be easy but as a Badari Warrior, he vowed to do his best. When he’s arrested by the border patrol and thrown in the brig, things go from bad to worse. He faces difficult choices ahead and unimaginable obstacles to making his case to the authorities for help.

Fallyn is Reede’s human fated mate but also the active duty military scout who guided him to the Sectors from his own planet. Reede’s choices after his arrest put her in a difficult spot and his actions threaten their mate bond. Will she give up her career to help him and the Badari succeed in making a treaty with the Sectors?

The desperate attempt to find new allies takes Reede and Fallyn on a wild set of adventures across the sprawling interstellar Sectors civilization and places them, their friends and their love in harm’s way.

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8 comments on “I’ve Been Bored Weekend Writing Warriors

  1. Definitely sounds like Roxy was well taken care of. I’m sure she’ll be a great ship for Fallyn! And congratulations on the release of Star Cruise Star Song!

  2. I love Roxy’s personality. I think she and Fallyn will get along famously. And I also like that the previous owner is protective of her ship. Not a gal I’d like to make mad. Great snippet!

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