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I’ve switched to my newly released paranormal romance DANGER ON THE NILE!

The excerpt, continuing on, close to the beginning of the book. 

Excerpt – We meet Captain Khay:

Khay leaned against a palm tree and studied the cloak of stars the goddess Nuit was spreading across the sky. Behind him the drums pounded, the flutes shrilled, the many voices sang and there was much laughter and merriment going on. It was boisterous and energetic and entertaining and about as far removed from the dinners in Pharaoh’s palace as could be. He turned, watching the circle of dancers moving in the firelight, snaking through the camp and returning to the main fire where his host the king of this tribe was enthroned. He’d have to go back in a few minutes or his absence could be taken as an insult.

Truth be told he liked this king and his warriors a great deal, although as Pharaoh’s ambassador, his personal likes and dislikes had no bearing. Only the treaties he’d negotiated for trade and mutual aid along the restless border, as well as the copious gifts and precious objects he’d already crated and sent north to Thebes under heavy guard on several occasions, including two gawky young giraffes for Pharaoh’s zoo. The need to send the tributes and gifts on their way depleted his own forces but he’d been sent with a large contingent and his next stop would be Neserakhet, where he could requisition more men from the garrison if he thought it wise. Pharoah had demanded regular updates by courier and Khay deemed it prudent to send along samples of the riches he was garnering for the Great One as well.



1550 BCE. Mayet is a newly appointed priestess at the temple of Isis in a southern Egyptian border town. When enemies attack the city, she must flee alone with a sacred effigy to keep the invaders from claiming it and using it for their own magic rituals. Joining with other refugees from the stricken city, she has to hide the statue from curious eyes and comfort her companions as if she was a learned, senior priestess. They all look to her for leadership on their desperate trek north. With the enemy close on their heels, Mayet stumbles over an ancient, abandoned fort, where her party takes refuge. Surrounded and trapped by the invaders, she faces a bleak future.

Khay is a high-ranking Egyptian officer, sent by Pharaoh to negotiate treaties with various southern tribes. He and his soldiers narrowly escape an ambush at the city where Mayet’s temple was located and are on the run from the invaders when he sees the shelter of an abandoned fort. Now he and his men are also trapped inside the stout walls with no food and no hope of rescue. Yet he has no regrets for the priestess leading the refugees is the woman the goddess Isis has shown him in a vision, the one who could become his wife.

Together Mayet and Khay must find a way to bring their people to freedom. Will Isis listen to pleas from such a fledgling priestess? Khay comes from a famous family, smiled upon by other gods – will any of them come to his aid? As the pair struggle to stay alive and save the other Egyptians, attraction grows and unites their hearts. But is there to be a future in this world, or only in the Afterlife?

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