New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for JUNE 21

I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking quite a few as I prepare these posts LOL). 

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NOTE: I’m doing my best to avoid listing anything generated from use of AI but it’s sometimes tricky to detect from the resources I have available.



Letting her go is not an option. She is MINE. KYRA: My dream mission has always been to visit the Fourteen Planets and find out what happened to the lost refugees from Earth a hundred years ago. Finally, the Cosmic Coalition agrees to finance this mission.
But upon arriving on Leander, everything is different from what I envisioned. Right away some despicable creature nearly kills me, and it’s only thanks to the alien, Duncayn, that I survive this encounter. Duncayn turns out to be one of the vissigroths ruling the Fourteen Planets and promises me his help to meet Susserayn Kennenryn and fulfill my mission. Sparks fly from the first time our eyes meet, but how can we have a future when we are from such different worlds? I have a job, a life on Kronos and he is a Vissigroth. I come from a civilized world and he is… a barbarian. DUNCAYN: When I rescue Kyra from an Eulach attack I have no idea that this small encounter will turn my live upside down. But when she rides in front of me on my nicta, I receive a small glimpse of the torture this little human is able to inflict on my body. Mercilessly her perfect behind rubs against… well, we’re riding on a nicta, you get the picture. My only consolation is the knowledge that I will make her mine tonight and every night thereafter. When she turns out to be my querilly, the mate I’m destined to find in each of my lifetimes, I begin to wonder about our future. Not only is a civil war brewing on the Fourteen Planets, but how can I ask Kyra to give everything up for me, her home, her friends, her job, when I am unable to do so for her?     AmazonKU


Can a jaded alien warrior redeem himself in order to protect the woman and children who need him? After a painful divorce, Linda takes a job as the chief administrator of a rural hospital. Her hard won peace is shattered when strange black-suited men raid the maternity ward and she finds herself on board an alien spaceship. Determined to protect the women and children abducted with her, she searches desperately for a way out. Her hope of rescue by alien law enforcement is crushed when the Patrol officer who tracks them to a seedy outpost is just interested in procuring his own human female. Her only alternative is a huge green alien with a doubtful reputation and a very friendly tail. When cynical Cire warrior Zsoldar is asked to track down possible corruption in the Patrol, he reluctantly agrees – only to encounter the most alluring female he has ever met. She needs a hero, but he’s her only option. On the run with his beautiful human, her companions, and three precious infants, he realizes he’s never been happier. But with danger close behind and his own troubled reputation awaiting their return to civilization, is there any chance for the future he desires with his newfound family?   AmazonKU


Love is the ultimate experiment…Betrayed by her family – Rashana was just a child when her father locked her away in his laboratory, subjecting her to unspeakable horrors in the name of science. Now, years later, her telepathic abilities terrify lab techs and her father alike. When a revolt leads to her father’s death and rebels seize the lab, she expects her torment to go on. Yet the alien doctor’s charming bedside manner awakens an unexpected yearning in her heart, and his touch is anything but torture. A doctor’s oath – After the destruction of his home planet, Mek never believed he’d meet a female of his species again. Then he discovers Rashana in a stasis pod on board an enemy ship. She’s an impossibility – a hybrid between his species and humans – and despite her justified hostility and anger, he finds himself drawn to the intriguing female for more than simply research. Healing more than hearts – As they work together to harness her powers, their trust blossoms into a passion that can’t be denied. But as Rashana uncovers more about her past, she also uncovers a terrifying secret that could destroy everything she’s come to cherish.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


VS Note: Not listed in Romance but a Space Opera scifi release of note.

No one warned her about the alien baby. Captain Cherry Pendit is a very improper oracle. A proper seer warns the hero, then retires to the luxury of her temple while the hero saves the day. Pfft. Boring. Cherry doesn’t need a hero to defy Fate. In fact, she intends to rescue the hero. There might be a few bumps along the way—like an entire alien species her oracular talent didn’t warn her about—but Captain Cherry Pendit of the Delphic Dame is prepared to adapt and overcome. If only the pirates, the good guys—who might be bad guys—and her allies would just stop freaking interfering by pushing their own stupid agendas. Don’t they realize that if Cherry fails, humanity is doomed?   AmazonKU


As a recovery specialist, Lexi Bowen’s jobs typically require more trickery and thievery than honest work. Her former captain might not approve of her flexible morals, but stealing artifacts for rich assholes pays the bills, and Lexi’s had enough of war and death. The FHP left her to die once; she doesn’t plan to give them a chance to finish the job. Unfortunately, her latest contract takes her to Valovia itself—and right back into the orbit of Nilo Shoren, a Valovian teleporter who already cost her one payday and nearly stole her heart. Armored against his clever charm, Lexi plans to get in, get the job done, and get out. But when her former crew goes missing in Valovian space, Lexi will have to work with Nilo to figure out what happened—and stop it—before the galaxy’s two superpowers can use the disappearance as an excuse to return to war.

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I found more than religion in an angel’s kiss. My studies in theology didn’t prepare me to deal with angels from outer space. They’re real. They fly. And in their elevated arrogance, they don’t think they need anyone’s help. So, imagine my surprise when the shy but hunky Zakai asks for my assistance in locating Noah’s ark. Apparently, it’s not just a religious myth. The massive ship did exist, and it looks like humanity might need it if they’re going to survive an incoming invasion. As we work to uncover the mystery, we’re stymied by opposing forces doing everything they can to stop us. I’ll admit, I never thought I’d end up fighting demons, just like I never expected to fall in love with an angel. But when given a choice, will he choose me or God?

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He’s not the warrior I wanted. But now we’re stranded together, and I can’t quit thinking about him. I made it all the way through the Alien Bride Games without being chosen by a Khanavai male, even though I’m certain it’s the only way I’ll ever find anything resembling love. But then I missed the shuttle home, and instead of sending me through the transporter, the Games Administrator insisted I catch I ride back with the crankiest pilot I’ve ever met—a Khanavai warrior who makes it clear that the last thing he wants is to be stuck with a rejected bride. Which is really too bad, because our ship malfunctioned, and now that we’re trapped together on an otherwise deserted planet, I’m all he’s got. If only he weren’t also the most beautiful man I’ve ever laid eyes on, I might be able to accept that we’ll never end up together.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

In the distant future, alien planets are settled by A.I.-piloted starships. The journeys from Earth to these worlds could take hundreds of years – so the ships contain human embryos, preserved until the ship is in orbit, then thawed, raised to fully-grown, and trained by the A.I. with the skills needed to colonize their new world. This is the seed for the universe in the bestselling novel Half Way Home, which followed one colonial foray on a new world. But this was only one world of a thousand worlds targeted by Earth’s ships. That adventure, one of a thousand…From acclaimed anthologist Samuel Peralta, Chronicle Worlds: Half Way Home brings together fifteen of the most exciting new voices in speculative fiction to explore the universe created by NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Hugh Howey, to chronicle the astounding unexplored worlds of Half Way Home.      Amazon


We’re caught in the web of love and sin…Addicted to the taste of forbidden skin. Everywhere I turn, Lykan is there, making my blood boil in more ways than one. I hate him. But damn, he’s so hot that my traitorous body nearly gives in whenever he invades my space. My imagination is nothing compared to when he actually shoves me up against the wall and does his worst…or is it his best? But he is not my future. He is not solid relationship material. I will never settle down with him. I will never forgive him for being a dark elf… Wish I would’ve thought of that before I found out I was pregnant.   AmazonKU

THE INFINITE MILES by Hannah Fergesen

VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

To save the future, she must return to the beginning. Three years after her best friend Peggy went missing, Harper Starling is lost. Lost in her dead-end job, lost in her grief. All she has are regrets and reruns of her favorite science fiction show, Infinite Odyssey. Then Peggy returns and demands to be taken to the Argonaut, the fictional main character of Infinite Odyssey. But the Argonaut is just that … fictional. Until the TV hero himself appears and spirits Harper away from her former best friend. Traveling through time, he explains that Peggy used to travel with him but is now under the thrall of an alien enemy known as the Incarnate—one that has destroyed countless solar systems. Then he leaves Harper in 1971. Stranded in the past, Harper must find a way to end the Incarnate’s thrall … without the help of the Argonaut. But the cosmos are nothing like the technicolor stars of the TV show she loves, and if Harper can’t find it in herself to believe—in the Argonaut, in Peggy, and most of all, in herself—she’ll be the Incarnate’s next casualty, along with the rest of the universe.

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EARTH, YEAR 2344 – Morgana Dion, Princess of Aladdia, is hiding a secret. Her biological mother isn’t the queen. But although Morgana has commoner blood running through her veins, it won’t stop her from sacrificing everything she is to be in the Virgin Hunt Games and stop a vicious enemy from destroying her planet and her people. If that means submitting to King Leon—another royal from another, far more powerful world—and signing a contract to impregnate herself to his son, Garrett, who is one of ten hunters in the Games, then so be it. That Garrett is now more cyborg than man shouldn’t matter, he has more royal blood flowing through his veins than she’ll ever have.
Garrett might know his first name, but he has no clue who he really is. Only that he woke up with cyborg parts after an explosion all but tore him apart. These days he has more pressing concerns, thanks to living in a squalid, dog-eat-dog prison ship in the middle of space. When he’s given an opportunity to fight for his place as a hunter in the Virgin Hunt Games, he jumps at it. After all, the victor will never again return to the space prison. But though he’s prepared for a society who will never really accept him, nothing can prepare him for the one hunted he wants in the games, a woman who looks at him with equal parts loathing and desire. But if beauty really is skin deep, can he convince Morgana that there is more to him than what she sees?     AmazonKU

CITADEL by C M Alongi

VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

Four centuries of blood. All for a lie. In this captivating sci-fi debut, a nonverbal autistic woman refuses to stand by as her sexist, ableist, dogmatic society clings to a centuries-long conflict. Citadel, the only city on the planet Edalide, has a holy mission: exterminate the demons from the Flooded Forest. The unholy, vicious animals were a mistake made by their god that must be corrected. Or at least, that’s what everyone’s been told. When Olivia, a nonverbal autistic nineteen-year-old, has a chance run-in with a “demon,” she realizes that these beings are not vicious, animals, or unholy, but sentient people. Forever scarred by her mother’s legally sanctioned murder, and determined to prevent either side from losing more loved ones, Olivia embarks on a hazardous journey into the Flooded Forest where she faces flesh-eating predators, telekinetic zealot-warriors, and the demons of her own past. Olivia’s quest for answers forces her to decide to either seek justice for both sides or continue the cycle of war, revenge, and death.

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MONTAUK PROJECT by Kaitlyn O’Connor

VS Note: From MAY 27.

When ‘specimens’ of a top secret government experiment escape, Dior Cannon is caught in the middle of the security breach to steal the specimens and the manhunt for the four aliens that have swept her up in their flight for freedom. It isn’t just hunting season, though. It’s mating season and the aliens—Adrian, Dante, Bain and Calen know they’ve found ‘the one’. They just have to convince Dior of it if they can stop running long enough.

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She searched for freedom and found a Kalquorian clan. Irene Jonson is a rising star in opera, thanks to Earth forcing her to leave her parents as a teen to join a prestigious opera company. Years later, she loves music, but she wants the freedom to forge her own path as a performer and be reunited with her family. Sherv, Rusp, and Jemi are a clan and band playing hard, driving music. Success means more than fame and fortune; it would show their disapproving families they’ve chosen the lives they were meant to live. Encountering Irene, creating a new and exciting sound, gives them that opportunity…and a chance at love. Two worlds on the brink of war threaten everything Irene and Clan Sherv have built and everything they dream of. Two worlds are bent on snatching Irene from the men and music she loves. What chance do four misfit musicians possibly have against Earth and the Kalquorian Empire?

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THE EDGE OF SLEEP: A NOVEL by Jake Emanuel and Willie Block

VS Note: Ooohhh sounds good! Not a romance but a scifi release of note. Put it on my TBR list.

What if the whole world fell asleep…and didn’t wake up again? Dave Torres, a night watchman in a placid coastal town, knows all about sleep troubles. Since childhood, he’s battled terrors and nightmares. Sometimes those battles leak into his waking life, with disastrous consequences for those he loves. Now Dave lives alone and self-medicates to neutralize his dreams. It’s not much of a life, he knows. The morning after Independence Day, Santa Mira, California, is so quiet Dave can hear the ocean from miles away. Traffic signals blink from red to green over empty intersections. Storefronts remain locked up tight. Every radio station whispers static.  And all over town, there are bodies, lying right where their owners left them. Dead right where they slept. Dave—along with his ex-girlfriend, Katie, his best friend, Matteo, and Linda, a nurse he’s just met—struggle to unravel the mystery before sleep overtakes them all. Except the answer to the mystery might lie in the one place that frightens Dave most: His twisted, unnerving dreams. Now Dave and his friends must straddle the liminal boundary between life and death as they fight to save everyone they’ve ever loved—and to keep their eyes open. Because if any of them falls asleep now, it will be the last thing they ever do.

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This human, she’s… not like the others. Humans look at me and see raw, alien power. A force to be harnessed, dissected, feared. It’s my power they crave. That is why they chain me up and torture me in the name of their so-called progress. But not her. April is different. There’s a spark in her captivating, amber eyes. She’s a journalist half my size who wanders into my prison unarmed. Brave. Foolish. Mine. Something stirs deep within me when I catch her scent: The overwhelming urge to protect this cute little human from harm… and the primal, instinctive, unstoppable need to claim her as my own. Yes, I will keep this one safe. The humans will answer for their crimes. My pack will destroy this facility and raze it to the ground. But this human female? She is mine.   AmazonKU


Passion has no chains, but freedom has a price. My heart pounded as the slaver dragged me into the cells. After weeks trapped in the bowels of Thodos III, freedom had never seemed so far away. Until he emerged from the shadows. Razov, a Vinduthi on a mission. Escape seemed impossible, but he refused to leave me behind. Now we’re fighting for our lives in a deadly game rigged to ensure we lose. Victory will mean throwing off our shackles forever…if we can survive that long. But when his simmering desire ignites into a firestorm of passion, can I really give my heart to him?     AmazonKU

TINMAN by C J Dragon

Looking for a haven, Astin Langlee went to the moon to escape the unforgiving rigors of poverty on Earth. Signing on for seven years of contract labor, he planned to work hard and make a place for himself. Called “Tinman’ for his lack of observable emotion, he does just that, finding solace only in his conversations with Eddie, a sentient AI. Finding love never crossed his mind. Meeting his co-worker, Davis, Astin discovers that he cares more than his nickname suggests. Opening to the joy Davis brings in his wake, Tinman allows love to overcome his fear. When the moon station is shut down by the uncaring LunaCorp, they head for Mars, only to find that home threatened by the same corporation. Can Astin save his new home and those he loves, or will he lose all while taking a gamble none could envision?     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo

JUNKYARD WAR by Faith Hunter

VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note from the author of the Jane Yellowrock series.

Shining Smith and her crew have obtained the weapons they need to rescue one of their own from the grips of their mortal enemy, Clarisse Warhammer. But to mount an assault on her fortified bunker, they have to cobble together an army of fighters. That could be the biggest battle of them all. Shining will need to step back into the biker world she left behind to broker an uneasy peace, then lead rival factions into a certain death trap. Can Shining take Warhammer down without having to compel more and more people to do her bidding? And will her feline warriors, the junkyard cats, remain loyal and fight alongside her? Or will Shining have to become something and someone she hates, so that vengeance can finally be hers?     Amazon


Megan: Every day, I would wake up, go to work, and fight like hell to protect my city. It’s difficult being a cop, but it fills that void inside of me that stems from my traumatic past. The need to see those that do wrong in the world get their comeuppance. Then one cloudy, drizzly day, everything changes. My job was about to get a whole lot harder when my city is attacked by aliens, and my life is changed forever. There may be a light in the attack’s darkness. A woman with the most striking green eyes that can see everything. They call her the Oracle. She was the reason the aliens had attacked Earth. I always knew that the Oracle held my destiny, and with the Oracle’s involvement, fate was thrusting me into a completely foreign world, overwhelming me, but I realize that I never felt more alive. Iris: There’s been a war between my people and our enemies for years. They killed our people, nearly making our alien species extinct. Our future looks bleak since we have no more female mates to reproduce with. Then our enemy decides to invade the strangest planet I have ever seen. Earth, they call it. During a meeting with these humans to help fight the enemy together, I meet her. My mate. Megan is the first human female I have ever laid eyes on. My shock at meeting her is beyond comprehension to me, an alien who never expected to meet his mate on a backward, nearly extinct planet like Earth. Is this the fate that the universe has planned for the Orion?     AmazonKU


Alex – I’d known what I was signing up for when I decided to stay with the Alien who had kidnapped me. And while life with Saar is good in some ways, the fact that I’m knocked up has made everything harder. Maybe I’m an over-emotional wreck. If the way Saar keeps treating me like I’m about to explode is any indication, I probably am. Then again, it might be the fact that I’m the only human male in known history to suddenly develop a uterus and I feel like my body and worse—my baby—have turned into a science experiment. Saar – Navigating life with a human omega as my mate has been challenging from the start. As of yet, I have been finding it difficult to understand Alex’s needs. I want to make him happy, to please him, but the things that he wants don’t make any sense to me. Add to that the human doctor that he insists on meeting, his disregard for my opinions on the matter, and then my best friend running into the wilderness with yet another stolen human and I am unsure whether I should be forcing anything to be my way. After all, we alphas have a bad track record with human omegas.     AmazonKU


VS Note: NOT listed as a romance. Listed as a satire. Reviews are VERY mixed. A scifi release of note.

Amber Kivinen is moving to Mars. Or at least, she will be if she wins a chance to join MarsNow. She and twenty-three reality TV contestants from around the world—including attractive Israeli soldier Adam, endearing fellow Canadian Pichu, and an assortment of science nerds and wannabe influencers—are competing for two seats on the first human-led mission to Mars, sponsored by billionaire Geoff Task. Meanwhile Kevin, Amber’s boyfriend of fourteen years, was content going nowhere until Amber left him—and their hydroponic weed business—behind. As he tends to (and smokes) the plants growing in their absurdly overpriced Vancouver basement apartment, Kevin tunes in to find out why the love of his life is so determined to leave the planet with somebody else. On screen, Amber competes in globe-trotting, Survivor-meets-Star Trek challenges and seems like she might be falling for Adam. But is that real, or is it just a tactic to keep from being voted off? And since the technology to come home doesn’t exist yet, would Amber really leave everything behind to be a billionaire’s Martian guinea pig? Sure, the rainforest is burning, Geoff Task has bought New Zealand, and Kevin might be a little depressed, but isn’t there some hope left for life on Earth?

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Shadow – When his friend Cyborg Ranger Falcon asked him to ensure his mate’s sister was safe, he never processed she might be his genetic mate. Jenny was clearly torn by the news, still haunted by traumas from her past. Their attraction was mutual, but he could see she needed time. Walking away to give her that time took all the willpower he could muster. But it made her realize she didn’t want him to leave without her. Jenny – She was so unprepared when Shadow dropped into her life, even though she had hoped for a future with a cyborg mate—someday. Watching love flourish between her sister and her cyborg mate made her realize how empty my life was. As soon as Shadow left, she wanted to go with him. Jenny thought they would have a quiet life at his ranch in the Montana Mountains. Aliens at a hidden base and their gangers changed that. Falling in love with Shadow was easy. They just had to keep each other alive to enjoy it.   AmazonKU


Garreth will do anything to keep the broken alien he fell in love with. Even return to being a prince. A surprise meeting with an alien creature who turns out to be a coveted Saltarian puts Garreth on a new path. Will the relationship with the beautiful, rocky alien be worth the price he has to pay? With Bellrix at his side, he is willing to fight against nature, mercenaries, the Court, and even himself.     AmazonKU


Latisha – I just want to get through this undercover job and get back to my team. Unfortunately, a certain half-human bodyguard won’t leave me alone. He’s suspicious that I’m not who I say I am and we keep running into each other in the most inconvenient places. No matter how hard I try to resist the sexy bodyguard who looks at me like I’m a goddess I keep thinking about him and wondering what it would be like if I gave into his flirtations. Can I find the courage to let him in my heart before our time together runs out? Bowen – I was abducted from my bed a year ago. Alien scientists altered my genes and now I’m a half-human half-katsuro hybrid. Whatever they did messed with my emotions too. I can’t feel anything. Life is just one numb day after another. That is until I meet her. Latisha is like a light in the darkness and she’s making me feel things I never thought I’d feel again. I thought our meeting was a chance encounter but the more I get to know this mysterious siren of a woman the more I think it was fate that brought us together. Can I convince her to give me a chance before she slips out of my life forever? This is NOT a standalone book. To fully enjoy Lunar Chaos you must first read books 1-3 in the series.     AmazonKU


Kyda kept a low profile until she was involved in a workplace incident. One hopped-up customer wrecks her disguise, and she has to hide in a place she never imagined. (MUCH more blurb on ebook seller’s page)     Amazon   NOTE: The author’s other books are on Apple Books and Kobo, including this series.


VS Note: LGBTQ superhero scifi release. Romantic elements.

Mei is quirky, sweet, and, after The Test, probably strong enough to crush a human spine. Not that she wants to do that, but when a horrific fire ravages her school, she desperately uses her newfound genetically-activated superstrength. She wakes up in a body cast and assured that she definitely is strong enough to crush a spine. At Myer’s Anatomy Training Center in sunny Hawaii, Mei meets her beautiful roommate. Devi is wild, terrifying, and alluring. They spend their days in training and their evenings together on the beach. Studying at Myer’s is truly paradise. Except that Mei’s lack of enhanced core strength means she can’t use her superstrength safely, her trainer wants to grind her into a hotdog, she and her roommates keep losing at the violent sport used for training, and she sucks at flirting with Devi. When a hurricane threatens to wreak destruction, Mei and her crew rush to save the endangered people. Can helping the impoverished make them pay the ultimate price?     AmazonKU

*************************BRIEF BREAK BEFORE THE FANTASY/PNR BOOKS!***************************************

VS NOTE: This week my backlist spotlight falls upon JADRIAN, just because it’s one of my favorite Badari stories.

JADRIAN (A BADARI WARRIORS SCIFI ROMANCE NOVEL): Sectors New Allies Series Book 3 by Veronica Scott

The blurb: Taura Dancer has been pushed to her limits by alien torturers known as the Khagrish and is ready to die when suddenly the lab where she’s held as a prisoner is taken down by an armed force of soldiers.

The man who rescues her from a burning cell block is Jadrian of the Badari, a genetically engineered alien warrior with as many reasons to hate the Khagrish as Taura has. This set of shared past experiences and the circumstances of her rescue create an unusual bond between them.

Safe in the hidden base where Jadrian and his pack take her, Taura struggles to regain her lost memories and overcome constant flashbacks during which she lashes out at all who come near. Only Jadrian can recall her from the abyss of her visions and hallucinations.

As the war against the Khagrish continues, it becomes increasingly critical to find out who she really is and how she can help in the fight. Until she can control her terrors and trust her own impulses, Taura’s too afraid to pursue the promise of happiness a life with Jadrian as her mate might offer.

When he’s captured by the dreaded enemy, will she step forward to help save him, or will she remain a prisoner of her past?

This is the third book in a new scifi romance series and each novel has a satisfying Happy for Now ending for the hero and heroine, not a cliffhanger. Some overarching issues do remain unresolved in each book since this is an ongoing series but romance always wins the day in my novels!

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******************************OKAY, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT  (because my own books pay my bills) AND ONWARD WE GO!**************************************************


All my life I have served. One lord after another, I have given them my time, my body and my soul. My newest lord, however, is not one but three. I have become the anchor to the three Aspects of Fate, the mortal chosen to teach the gods humanity. It seems an impossible task for any mortal to satisfy a god’s wishes and I must serve three? Three lords means three times the frustration, three times the petty demands……and three times the pleasure. This book is exactly what it says on the box – one woman and three men. The streams do not cross but everything else is on the table. Enjoy!    AmazonKU


All Raewyn ever wanted was to go home. After accidentally creating a portal to another realm, Raewyn finds herself trapped in a world she’s struggling to navigate. Desperate to find those with magic who can help her, she sets out on a dangerous journey to another town. Unfortunately, on her travels, she learns there are bigger and scarier monsters than the Demons she knows of – and one of them won’t let her get away. All Merikh ever wanted was to escape. For a hundred and eighty years, Merikh has been hunting for a way off Earth. He doesn’t care who he has to eat, kill, or maim to get what he wants. So, when his prey ends up being a lost Elf, he realises this is his opportunity. She’s prettier than any creature he’s ever seen, and so damn perfect that it’s impossible to resist her otherworldly lure. But Merikh destroys everything he touches. Will he be able to overcome years of hatred and anger to allow himself to get close to her, or will he lose her in the process?     AmazonKU

SECRET WITCHES (BELLAROSE CAT CAFE BOOK ONE) by L A Boruff, Lia Davis and Lacey Carter

Cate, Heather, and Rae Bellarose move back home to Cave River, Arizona to fulfill the terms of their grandfather’s will to work together for one year in their family’s cafe and cat rescue. If they succeed, they get a big pile of money. If they fail, they go back to their regular lives, no worse off. This should be a breeze. Cate is determined to make it work, whatever it takes. Too much money is at stake. Off the bat, things are beyond strange. She keeps seeing impossibilities that she can’t explain. Floating feather dusters, lights that aren’t there. Then, all the plants in town die. Something is way off. Cate and her sisters discover an ancient book in a hidden room in the family’s mansion. That’s when things really get weird. Suddenly, Cate has powers! So do her sisters, daughter, nieces, and aunts! Also, some insane warlock is trying to buy the whole town and that sends up red flags in all directions. The sisters need to find out why and how to stop him or they might lose the money before they get a chance to inherit it.     AmazonKU


A shop owner dies under mysterious circumstances. The problem is, said shopkeeper put a curse on Cora and Petrov and since she is dead, the curse can’t be lifted. And that’s just the beginning of the problems surrounding Cora. An old flame is determined to do her harm. He will stop at nothing to push Cora from the Trial of the Six Crystals competition. It seems evil has overtaken him. Can he be saved? Or is it too late? Aunt Ali has some tricks up her sleeve. But will she only hurt the situation instead of help?   AmazonKU


Things have taken a seriously nasty turn. Can someone please let me off this rollercoaster? Everywhere I look, there’s drama and danger ready to pounce from the shadows. Nowhere feels safe, and trust seems to be a rare commodity. Damn. Just damn. But the twisted forces bringing all this chaos to the table must be stopped, no matter what. Even if it feels like I’m always ten steps behind. At least I have the sensational kisses of my delicious Death to carry me through this mess.      AmazonKU


The dragon has come to claim his mafia wife, but I already belong to a knight.
My shadow. The bodyguard whose world revolves around me. After ten years of the same routine, I discover that I’m not the woman I thought I was. I’m a killer. The daughter of a fierce god. As danger strikes, the three of us find that hate can become lust and enemies can become lovers. Our destiny has been written, and we are determined to change it—even if it means a battle against those who would rather see us stay apart.   AmazonKU

JUNGLE SHIFT by Lexi Ostrow

Camila always helps animals in need, even when that animal turns out to be a shifter. Camila spent her life doing two things: driving to work and working. Exotic animal vets weren’t common in Brazil, which is precisely why she moved back home. Unfortunately, her work left little time to have a life. Mateo knew what it meant to be king and fought to protect his people from the outside world at all costs. When the Bengals attacked and left Mateo for dead on the side of the road to claim his streak, that should have been the end of things. Instead, he woke up drowsy, naked, and mated.      Amazon


VS Note: A re-release in that a shorter version was previously on Vella.

Something far more dangerous than wolves lurks in the forest this night. Keane and his band of brothers have always been outcasts in the villages around Lough Greney Bog. Without the prospects of money, love, or lineage; they settle on doing what they can to make ends meet. When Declan fails to return to the tavern one blustery winter evening, the rest of his brothers are desperate to find him. A haunting blue glow in the darkness offers whispers of everything they could ever hope for if only they will follow her call despite their search. Rumors of riches and old gods taunt the men, as one by one they are stolen away. Forced to make a choice between what’s right and each other. They will have to decide whether or not they embrace the monster within or all could be lost. It’s a unique opportunity to change their fate, but will it be worth the price of their soul?   AmazonKU


A little bit hot, a little bit cold. In the end, they’re just right. Alpha wolf shifter Saffron is finally home. He’s found a new town he loves, a pack where he belongs, a house with room for a family, and has best friends as close as brothers. And life only gets better when Saff steps onto his porch one sunny day to see not only the one who got away, but also an adorable toddler with Saffron’s eyes. Saff is instantly Papa to an adorable bear cub, and he couldn’t be happier. Omega bear shifter Everest has been searching for the alpha father of his baby ever since their one-night stand two years ago. If only they had been true mates. Maybe then they’d have started things right, instead of showing up with their daughter out of the blue one day. Everest is shocked to discover the spark is still there. If only something, or is it someone, wasn’t missing. Alpha honey-bear shifter Dior thought he was heading down to the sunny beaches with a friend. That was until he was ditched at the side of the road when said friend found his true mate at a rest stop. Now he’s broke, alone, stranded, and desperate. He doesn’t want to “borrow” food from houses, but he’s not finding enough in his fur to sustain him. What else can he do? And he doesn’t really mean to fall asleep in the warm house… he truly doesn’t. It’s just that it smells so good, and he can’t stand to leave it. A small nap wouldn’t hurt. And it doesn’t hurt—it changes everything.     AmazonKU


VS Note: Author says there’s a “slight paranormal twist” and the series should be read in order.

Hawk, Sergeant at Arms of the Devil’s Murder MC, is loyal and cutthroat when it comes to his club. As a protector of his brothers, enforcer of the bylaws, and security, Hawk takes his position seriously, especially now that his president has been murdered by the Dirty Death MC. He won’t rest until the blood of his enemies has been spilled, and justice served. He’ll make damn sure that Rook is avenged and his son Crow doesn’t meet the same fate. But Hawk didn’t count on the feisty, outspoken, desperate girl needing to rescue her sister from the dirty politician wreaking havoc in Nevada and the escort service that trafficked her out of the city. Callie is willing to do anything to bring her sibling home—even offer herself to a playboy biker who refuses to be shackled with an ol’ lady…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)     AmazonKU


A fae queen running from her past. Steam-era London’s supernatural world in danger. She is the key to their salvation or destruction. Aiobheall, or Andromeda Jones as she’s known now, has spent centuries flitting from place to place looking for peace after Ireland forgot the old ways and their fae protectors. Haunted by the death of her lover, in which she played a part, and longing to forget, she’s hiding out in the unexplored wilds of Africa when everything she has carefully built and the peace she’d thought she’d built come crumbling down with one stranger’s visit. Thrust into a world of steam, invention, supernaturals, and danger, she reluctantly chooses a side and must find a way to ensure she is the key to the salvation of her new world rather than its destruction. Along the way, she must confront her past and the fear that all of this may return her to the capricious, dangerous creature whose swift anger claimed many lives. With the help of an ancient being, an inventor, a spymaster, and a stranger from her past, she finds herself in a fight not only for her life but for her very world’s salvation.    Amazon


Deserted by a father I can no longer remember, I’m used to being alone, my only companions the cheerful sea nymphs who frequent my shipwreck. But lately, something powerful brews inside me—an aching restlessness to explore the dark depths beyond my cave. Then I meet Ari, a beguiling merman who tempts me past the edges of my territory. He introduces me to the glittering world of the Sea Syndicate and its ruler, King Triton. But the sea is a far more dangerous place than I realized, and together, the males rule it with a heavy hand. What’s more, they want to rule me, too. Each dominant in their own way, they teach me all about my body—and theirs—introducing me to unfathomable pleasure and sinful obedience. But there’s a dark side to their world. I can’t shake the feeling Triton and Ari aren’t the devoted males they seem. When a predatory darkness rises from the ocean’s depths, we have no choice but to confront sins of the past to keep the Sea Syndicate safe. But once the silt settles, will the weight of age-old secrets be too much to repair our broken bonds?     AmazonKU


Can a carefree wolf shifter and an unbelieving human find true love? Logan Creig, billionaire wolf and kilt-wearing Scot, arrives in Vegas to make a heist movie. He’ s the bad boy of his clan, the one voted least likely to settle down. What does he care? He loves women and won’ t apologize to anyone for that. Justine Bell, dedicated history professor at the University of Vegas and a skeptic to the bone, is hired by Logan to dress the set with Egyptian antiquities. She dislikes the infamous playboy on principle alone, but with the dean insisting she takes the job, she has no choice. When one of the ancient relics in the shipment turns out to be a legendary artifact, Justine throws herself into researching it… and finds it’ s of vital importance to the whole of mankind— it reveals that supernatural creatures have always walked the Earth! Now, with the clock ticking down on them, the pair must work as a team. Justine has to find the strength to abandon the safety of the beliefs she clings to, ones that don’ t allow her to embrace true love, and Logan must fight to become the man Justine needs him to be. If they can do that, a whole new world awaits them.     AmazonKU

WED TO THE ORC by Layla Fae

My tiny new wife is a force of chaos bent on turning my life upside down. I am a researcher. I read books, conduct experiments, and live quietly on the fringes of the orc town. All I want is peace, quiet, and a female to satisfy the wild urges of my orc body so they don’t distract me from my work. Getting a human wife through the Temple seems like a logical solution—until I bring her home and she starts sowing chaos. She moves my books, cuts my herbs to make bouquets, and replaces the blessed silence with laughter and song. For such a tiny person, she can be very loud. And opinionated. Worst of all, she does nothing to calm my libido. Instead, she makes my body eager and my mind obsessed. She encroaches on my space, my work, my thoughts, and worst of all, my heart. I hate being out of control, yet with her, it’s all I can be. This cannot go on. Something has to give.     AmazonKU


From an underground bomb shelter, Andrea Johns has been watching the apocalypse play out through live feeds from around the world. A tsunami hitting the Rockies, tornadoes in the Andes, lava filling the Grand Canyon, earthquakes in Paris—the world is literally being wiped out one natural disaster at a time. And it’s only a matter of time before every living being is wiped out with it. Pyre, the demi-god of fire, along with his brothers, are still wreaking havoc on earth per the old gods’ orders, but they have been careful not to kill every living thing. Some humans need to remain alive to worship the gods and bring them back into power, and those humans will need food. Upon clearing out one area in particular, Pyre sees something, or someone, fleeing and decides it’s worth saving. He wasn’t expecting a human, or that she’d be able to see him. Could it be he’d gotten as lucky as his brothers and found his woman?…(more blurb on ebook seller’s page)        Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Niamh Kelly is dead. Her troubled twin, Ciara, now masquerades as the benevolent witch as Her Majesty’s Royal Coven prepares to crown her High Preistess. Suffering from amnesia, Ciara can’t remember what she’s done–but if she wants to survive, she must fool Niamh’s adopted family and friends; the coven; and the murky Shadow Cabinet–a secret group of mundane civil servants who are already suspicious of witches. While she tries to rebuild her past, she realizes none of her past has forgotten her, including her former lover, renegade warlock Dabney Hale. On the other end of the continent, Leonie Jackman is in search of Hale, rumored to be seeking a dark object of ultimate power somehow connected to the upper echelons of the British government. If the witches can’t figure out Hale’s machinations, and fast, all of witchkind will be in grave danger–along with the fate of all (wo)mankind. Sharp, funny, provocative, and joyous, Juno Dawson’s sequel reimagines everything you think you knew about her coven and her witches in a story that spans continents and dives deep into the roots of England and its witchcraft. Ciara, Leonie, Elle, and Theo are fierce, angry, sexy, warm–and absolutely unapologetic as they fight for what they believe in, all in the name of sisterhood.

Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


She’s examined her life and wants more. He’s an immortal with a purpose. When they finally meet, everything around them ignites. Will they be able to control their passions long enough to keep her alive? Austin, Texas. Indio Thompson went through hell during her roommate’s kidnapping. After her best friend is released, Indio still sees danger around every corner. It’s not until she meets a pale stranger with his own secrets, that she finally feels safe. Vampire Devlin Harper goes from woman to woman until he meets one who warms his blood. He reluctantly agrees to look after the one female he should keep his distance from. The longer he’s near her, the more danger they find themselves in. Trusting her best friend’s advice, Indio is hurdled into a world far-removed from her safe desk job. While Devlin flights the fire burning within him, he fears Indio’s fate will no longer be hers to direct. With vampire hunters stalking them and dealing with infected werewolves, the pair struggle to fight an attraction impossible to ignore.   AmazonKU

WINDWALKER’S MATE by Margaret L Carter

VS Note: From APRIL 29. For some reason the book’s cover was unavailable for a long time and I won’t list a book with no cover art. I guess the publisher and the platform finally worked it out.

Shannon’s little boy Daniel has disturbing psychic powers. He talks to the wind–and it listens. All Shannon wants is a normal life. She wants to forget the cult of the Windwalker, a dark god from another dimension, and the terrifying night when her child was conceived. But her first love, Nathan, son of the cult leader, contacts her for the first time since that horrific ceremony. He claims his father is stalking Shannon and Daniel. Whose child is Daniel, Nathan’s or the Windwalker’s? Nathan’s father plans to use Daniel to open a gate between dimensions and unleash chaos on our world. To save her child and become reconciled with her first love, Shannon must embrace the strange powers she has rejected.

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Some truths are shatterproof…It’s been centuries since the Jeweled Valley and its magical gems were destroyed. In the republics that rose from its ashes, scientists craft synthetic jewels to heat homes, power gadgetry, and wage war. Dr. Devina Brunai is one of these scientists. She also is the only person who believes true gems still exist. The recent unearthing of the Palace of Gems gives her the perfect opportunity to find them and prove her naysayers wrong. Her chance is snatched away at the last moment when her mentor steals her research and wins the trip for himself. Soon, his messages from the field transform into bizarre ramblings about a book, a Prince, and an enemy borne of the dark. Now Dev must enter the Valley, find her mentor, and save her research before they, like gems, become relics of a time long forgotten.     Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Two sisters travel to an isolated Arizona town to investigate its connection to their mother’s death, but uncover more than they bargained for in this supernatural thriller from the author of The Dead and the Dark. Beck Birsching has been adrift since the death of her mother, a brilliant but troubled investigative reporter. She can’t stop herself from slipping into memories of happier days, longing for a time when things were more normal. So when a mysterious letter in her mother’s handwriting arrives in the mail that reads Come and find me, pointing to the small town at the center of her last investigation, Beck hopes that it may hold the answers. But when Beck and her sister Riley arrive in Backravel, Arizona, it’s clear that something’s off. There are no cars, no cemeteries, no churches. The town is a mix of dilapidated military structures and new, shiny buildings, all overseen by a gleaming treatment center high on a plateau. No one seems to remember when they got there, and when Beck digs deeper into the town’s enigmatic leader and his daughter, Avery, she begins to suspect that they know more than they’re letting on. As Beck and her sister search for answers about their mother, she and Avery are increasingly drawn together, and their unexpected connection brings up emotions Beck has fought to keep buried. Beck is desperate to hold onto the way things used to be, but when she starts losing herself in Backravel—and its connection to her mother— she risks losing her way back out.     Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Rae Winter should be dead. Some say that walking away from the car crash that killed her dad is a miracle, but seventeen-year-old Matthew Watts knows that the forces of Good aren’t the only ones at work. The devil, Lucifer himself, can mark a soul about to pass on, sending it back to the land of the living to carry out his evil will. Matt has grown up skipping from town to town alongside his father hunting anyone who has this mark. They have one purpose: Find these people, and exterminate them. After helping his father for years, Matt takes on his own mission: Rae Winter, miracle survivor. But when Matt starts to fall for Rae, to make friends for the first time in his life, he’s not sure who or what to believe anymore. How can someone like Rae, someone who is thoughtful and smart and kind, be an agent of the devil? With the lines of reality and fantasy, myth and paranoia blurred, Matt confronts an awful truth….What if the devil’s mark doesn’t exist?   Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Since fleeing the gilded halls of Evergarden for the muck-filled canals of the Marshes, Marlow Briggs has made a name for herself as the best cursebreaker in Caraza City. But no matter how many cases she solves, she is still haunted by the mystery of her mother’s disappearance. When Adrius Falcrest, Marlow’s old friend and scion of one of Caraza’s most affluent spell-making families, asks her to help break a life-threatening curse, Marlow wants nothing to do with the boy who spurned her a year ago. But a new lead in her mother’s case makes Marlow realize that the only way to get the answers she desperately seeks is to help Adrius and return to Evergarden society—even if it means suffering through a fake love affair with him to avoid drawing suspicion from the conniving Five Families. As the investigation draws Marlow into a web of deadly secrets and powerful enemies, a shocking truth emerges: Adrius’s curse and her mother’s disappearance may just be clues to an even larger mystery, one that could unravel the very foundations of Caraza and magic itself.

Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


It was him. Mate. Her breathing choked in her throat, her blood pounding in her ears, thudding at her wrists and in her neck. The noise of the room had fallen away. All Violet could hear was her tiger roaring inside her mind. Her entire being vibrated from the noise inside her, a noise which pulsated throughout her chest and rippled throughout her body. She took in a deep breath. His scent stood out from everyone else’s in the room and almost overwhelmed her. Violet knew that her pupils were dilated, and if she opened her mouth, she would have purred. The man stared at her, his brow slightly furrowed, his dark eyes narrowed. And then, in an instant, there was a flash of awareness in his eyes. Because he knew what she knew … they were matesShe didn’t know how she knew, but things were about to get really complicated.     AmazonKU


Charity has the summer job of her dreams, playing the “final girl” at Camp Mirror Lake. Guests pay to be scared in this full-contact terror game, as Charity and her summer crew recreate scenes from a classic slasher film, The Curse of Camp Mirror Lake. The more realistic the fear, the better for business. But the last weekend of the season, Charity’s co-workers begin disappearing. And when one ends up dead, Charity’s role as the final girl suddenly becomes all too real. If Charity and her girlfriend Bezi hope to survive the night, they’ll need figure out what this killer is after. As they unravel the bloody history of the real Mirror Lake, Charity discovers that there may be more to the story than she ever suspected.    Amazon     AB     Apple Books     Kobo


Grief and power were always going to go hand in hand for the heir to the Empire, but that doesn’t mean Iset is prepared. When Iset discovers her father is sick, she has to come to terms with exactly what that means, including the possibility that she’ll be ruling an empire much sooner than she expected to be. After the worst news she can imagine, Iset isn’t sure she has what it takes to organise mummification, and funerals, as well as juggle the politics of becoming the new Pharaoh. But with her Sekhmet Blessed bodyguard by her side, perhaps she stands a chance.      Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Wielding a trio of enchanted Elven weapons to battle a dark wizard and a legion of diabolical dwarves, Tristan is faced with the impossible choice between saving the woman he loves or defending his endangered kingdom. Inexplicably compelled to remain in the sacred forest where he hears the voice of her heart, the heir to the throne of Cornwall incurs the wrath and scorn of his army when he decides to hunt for his captive mate. Her verdant magic greatly enhanced by the mystical Morgane la Fée, Issylte must summon a coalition of Naiad nymphs and celestial fairies to destroy a nascent evil as she fights to reclaim her rightful crown. When the Black Widow Queen unites with a malignant menace and a ghost from Tristan’s haunted past, the Emerald Fairy and the Dragon Knight must ally with a triad of shapeshifting warrior tribes to defeat a Viking Trident and defend their trinity of Celtic kingdoms. Interwoven fates. Otherworldly mates. Destiny awaits.

Amazon     Kobo


A new power. A new threat. And some very new dangers. Everything is falling apart. I’ve been cursed with the ability to catch glimpses of the future. It’s a power which Lukas despises but it’s one that I can’t seem to get rid of. I’m also in trouble at work. Somebody else is claiming that they are the one true phoenix and that my entire existence is built on lies. At least I have a cold case to investigate which will take my mind off my woes. Investigating the mysterious disappearance of an entrepreneurial gremlin is bound to keep me busy and focused – and surely nothing else is going to go wrong and nobody is going to get hurt. Right?     AmazonKU


A vampire on guard. A psychic on the run. A cabin with one bed. Jameson Whitlock trusted the wrong person. Again. As a walking lie detector, he should be able to tell when he’s being played, but so far, he hasn’t had the best of luck. After yet another kidnapping attempt, he leaves town in a hurry and runs to his uncle’s fishing cabin to hide. Harland Duke comes back after having fed only to find a light on in the cabin. Had he known there would be takeout, he wouldn’t have bothered to go into town. No one is happier than Harland that he didn’t snack on the man sleeping in his bed when it turns out he’s his boss’ nephew. Jameson isn’t pleased with having to share the cabin with a vampire, but it’s not safe to return home yet. To pass the time, he spends his days fishing, but what’s easiest to catch — a fish or a vampire?

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Sariel was always going to be a little damaged, but I knew that. It didn’t make him any less to me—it just made me worry about him. Pressure. There’s no escaping the weight that threatens to drag them down every time they pause to breathe. The Upper Council is failing, the Free Kingdom is overwhelming, and there’s nowhere left for them to run to. Aria and Sariel watch as the world slowly begins to fracture, everyone picking their sides and making stands. They decide to make theirs, too.     AmazonKU


For weeks, wolf shifter Zayn Stone has been on the run from agents of a Fae Queen who wants to use his pack-members’ life-force to fuel her rise to power. When he stumbles into a bear-trap in the Colorado woods, dying seems like the only option he has left—but it’s worth giving his life to save his pack. Former detective Ainsley Maddox left the Dallas police force because she could no longer stomach the brutal things people did to each other. Now nothing angers her more than finding traps set on her land—except finding those traps full. Usually, she puts those poor animals out of their misery. But this winter night, someone has caught a wolf. One who can turn into a gorgeous, naked man. She knows she should stay out of whatever trouble landed him there—she has no desire to get caught up in it—but she can’t resist the mystery he brings with him or the heat she feels when she looks at him. Taking him home with her draws her into a whole new world of power and intrigue, exactly what she wanted to avoid. He has no desire to deal with a human—every wolf shifter knows they’re lesser beings. Total trouble. But if they can learn to work together, they might be able to save his pack…and each other.

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This big green hunk of an orc is a major green meanie! As CEO, I was less than thrilled when my company assigned me Goran as my personal bodyguard. Now this arrogant beefcake follows me everywhere, barking orders as he flexes those delicious abs and bulging biceps. Seriously, Goran’s ego is bigger than his…muscles. He struts around like he owns the place, thinking he can boss me around just because he’s built like a tank. Well, I’m nobody’s damsel in distress! No way am I letting this smug orc run my life, no matter how much I want to invite him into my bedroom at night to “protect me.” And if Goran thinks he’s the big, bad orc who can solve any and all problems, I’ll show him I’m the woman who can give him more problems than he can shake an axe at. Game on, you annoyingly irresistible beast! May the best human—or orc—win.   AmazonKU


“The next time someone knocks at the front door, would you just do the doggy thing and bite them? Please?” Stefan de Marco and Lucifer Fireborn are back for this third installment of The Magic Users of Greenford trilogy. You’d have thought things would’ve quietened down by now. But no. Along with Creed – Stefan’s canine familiar – they embark on a final case that threatens to undermine everything to do with the Anchor Division, and even what it means to be a Fireborn. “My name is Stefan de Marco, and I was born into the Trades Sector.” Stefan has always known who he is and what he stands for. When Lucifer accepts a case, working for the Brethren – the organization that wants to see anchors like Stefan dead or enslaved – he’s understandably angry. But trying to get Lucifer to understand the enormity of what he’s done is going to take a lot more than a few cross words. …You and Stefan need to be on the same page before the plane lands in Florida…Lucifer knows he loves his mate and anchor. As far as he’s concerned that’s all that’s important. Stefan understands his need to work cases, helping to keep the innocent safe, so when Stefan gets angry with him over the new case he’d taken, Lucifer has to do some fast talking to make things right. But when Creed suggests there’s something lacking in their relationship, as well, Lucifer has to evaluate everything he’s ever learned, and even how he’s been raised.     Amazon


Sloane – After centuries of war between Heaven and Hell, the veil to Hell opened, and chaos was unleashed on the Earth. Amidst the destruction, my family fled to the military bunker under the command of my father. Underground, I spent my childhood training to be a Hunter, the elite force who slaughtered demonic monsters night after night. The demons from Hell were my enemies, yet I should have been looking at my colleagues, those I called my friends. Kidnapped and brought to Hell, I learn the truth behind the fall of Earth, yet there’s so much left to uncover. I am more. More than just a Hunter or a human. But no one knows what I am, not even my captors, the enticing monsters I’m inexplicably drawn to. I know our bond is impossible, our union a betrayal of everything I stand for. I’m reminded of it with every glint of their horns, flash of their wings, or flick of their tails. When the truth is uncovered, will I be the one to save humanity or be their destruction?     AmazonKU


Can a family bond stand the test of time? Lady Tiliani Forelli is the epitome of the She-Wolves who raised her, an adept archer with a mind of her own. It is long past time for her to wed, but she deems each young lord who comes to bid for her hand lacking. With battles upon their border, and rumors of war growing louder on every front, Lady Forelli’s decision could secure her kingdom’s peace . . . or bring about its destruction. Centuries later, history major Luciana Betarrini takes a summer job alongside her twin, Domenico, as a period actor at Castello Forelli in Italy. As incoming college seniors, this might be their last chance to spend meaningful time together, so she’s soaking up every minute. But when Nico’s theory that their lost Betarrini relatives have traveled through time becomes potentially real—and they might be able to follow—Luci fears they’ll be forever divided.

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When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses not zebras. That’s what our mayor said after a series of bloody attacks rattle the citizens of our otherwise quiet town of Widow’s Peak. My fiancé is a deputy and they are all firmly behind the Mayor’s claim that there’s a pack of feral wolves who have settled on the outskirts of town. The police say they’ve got it under control and given how much Hunter was working, I believed them. Until the fateful night I was up comforting our colicky baby and he stumbled home with his clothes in bloody tatters. His eyes were glowing faintly in the moonlight, and my breath caught in my chest when it hit me. Hunter is the monster. It took me months to plan an escape for the baby and I, but somehow, we managed to make it out alive without him tracking us down. I knew we would need a refuge so we didn’t have to stay on the run forever, but I didn’t know it would be the small mountainside town of Wolf Creek where I grew up. My grandmother welcomes us with open arms and before long, we are safely settled in my grandfather’s old hunting cabin, but she makes me promise to heed her warnings if I’m going to stay. Her words echo in my head as I fall asleep every night: Hang silver on the door. Don’t leave your house on a full moon. Whatever you do, stay away from the Murphy boys—they’re animals.     AmazonKU


Trajan is descended from dragons. He mostly passes for human — except when it comes to reproduction. His kind don’t take mates, finding partners only long enough to incubate their eggs. Caught unprepared by a rare fertile period and longing for a child, Trajan takes a human back to his hotel. He knows it’s wrong to use Elias without telling him the truth, but it’s only for a few days. No harm done. After all, there’s no reason for them to see each other again. Even if the sex is amazing, and Elias is sweet, and Trajan has suddenly realized he isn’t sure how to take care of a baby after it comes out of the egg …Elias’ life has been nothing but hardship since his parents kicked him out. A night in a swank hotel with a man who seems kind is at least a warm bed for once. And the sex is great, if a bit … intense. But then Trajan starts talking about dragons and eggs. Is Trajan crazy, or is Elias actually having an egg? And which is scarier? Trajan tells him he can leave in a couple days, but how do you forget an experience like this? Elias isn’t sure he wants to, especially if he’s really having a baby. Neither of them knows what they want. But with every day that passes, it gets harder to say goodbye.

Amazon     Kobo


My whole world has just exploded. I’m doing a jaunty quick-step on the edge of total insanity, battling shock, exhaustion, crisis fatigue, and some sort of festering dark power that threatens to erupt out of me every time I get a little stressed. At least now I know where this genocidal rage comes from. Turns out, it’s hereditary. To make things worse, as Enforcer of the city, I now have to organize a Conclave of the Treaty, a sort of formal summit for the supernatural creatures of the world. We’ve got some serious problems to sort out, and gathering together the Shifter Kings and Queens, the High Priestesses, and the Vampire Monarchy all in one place is bound to give anyone a headache. What are the chances I can get them all to agree on a course of action when they’re only worried about their own kind?     AmazonKU


dara and Einar are at a crossroads. With no allies left in the fae realm, they only have one option left to unlock Adara’s powers–the dragons who fled Ediria nearly twenty years ago. In order to find the dragons, Adara will have to travel to the heart of Mount Furian and access the portal they used to escape. And since Einar cannot cross the portal himself, she will have to travel to this dangerous new realm and convince the dragons to help her without her staunchest ally by her side. The last thing Einar wants is to send Adara through the portal, not when they are so close to completing the mating bond. But time is of the essence as Nox’s dark power grows every day, and sacrifices must be made. If Adara does not stop Nox soon, the Mother of Shadows will unleash a terrible evil upon Ediria that even the Radiants cannot withstand. And Adara and Einar will lose not only each other, but everything they hold dear.     AmazonKU


Messing with me is one thing. Tearing me away from my men? That’s an act of war. Just when Torr and I had our first passionate night together, our undercover mission went t*ts up. For all I know, he might be lost to me forever. So after staggering alone through the desert, I’m calling on reinforcements for help. Dead or alive, I’m avenging Torr. I’ve been in love with my brother’s best friend for too long to let him go…and Santos. The deadly gladiator also has an iron grip on my heart, and to fail him would cut me deeper than his machetes. But we quickly realize the cult we infiltrated is more powerful than we ever imagined. It’ll take everything we have to make it out of this alive…and together. Even with Devin, a gladiator with incredible knife skills and even better body, testing my nerves at every turn. They hurt my loved ones and I’ve got gods on my side. I’ll make this cult regret letting me live. Their biggest mistake was believing me to be harmless.     AmazonKU


Vana Dire can’t show weakness if he wants to survive the Draskoran court. The only man he can be vulnerable with is Daromir—Vana’s magic-bound bodyguard. The binding lets them share each other’s pain, and Vana depends on Daromir’s comfort as much as his services as a guard. Vana could never risk their friendship. Even if he craves far more than Daromir’s loyalty. Daromir Azri sees a side of Vana nobody else sees. Behind closed doors, the cold, elegant prince is kindhearted. Vulnerable. He needs Daromir. If Daromir’s devotion sometimes feels like something else? Daromir must be mistaken. His duty comes first, and he’ll do anything to protect Vana—including one thing he’s never done before: He’s keeping a secret. Then their magic bond changes, and suddenly Vana and Daromir don’t just share pain anymore. Each shared sensation pushes their friendship to the breaking point, just when Vana and Daromir need each other most. They’re facing a mysterious ambassador, a chaos-stirring prince, the consequences of past schemes—And an assassin seeking Vana’s life.     AmazonKU


Ghosts and murder follow her everywhere, even to paradise. When Charlie Payne’s boyfriend Tom sweeps her off to a romantic getaway on a dreamy tropical island for ten days, she can’t wait to get away from work and hopefully the ghosts that plague her every day as a psychic detective. Their fun getaway takes a dark turn when a wealthy financier dies mysteriously at their resort. All the evidence points to Tom, but Charlie refuses to stand idly by and watch as he’s accused of murder by the living, and condemned by the dead. With the aid of her witchy cousins and the resident ghosts on the tiny island, she sets out to prove his innocence. Along the way, she uncovers a complex web of deceit and secrets that runs as deep as the ocean. With a police inspector ready to arrest her for obstruction, a pirate ghost out for her blood, and a storm on the horizon, the only thing she’s sure of is her feelings for Tom. But every discovery tests her love to its breaking point. Survive a hurricane? Done it. Survive an attack by a pirate ghost? Easy peasy. Survive without the love of her life?     AmazonKU

WRONG MATE by Sam Crescent

Leah hates Killian. The alpha wolf that rejected her. He was destined to be her mate, but no, she was too witchy for him. She wasn’t going to stand around waiting for him, and she certainly wasn’t going to follow him around like a lost little puppy. Just a tiny problem. He needs her. Her coven and her parents believe it’s a good idea for her to go with him, to help him on his super secret mission. So that’s what she does. Not because she wants to be with him, but because he needs a witch. Killian is in search of a way to break the mating bond between him and Leah. She cannot be his mate. A witch will be his undoing. He’s seen the prophecy. Leah will destroy the pack, and he can’t allow that to happen. He has to go on a quest and make the ultimate sacrifice. Mate with Leah, and then end that bond. He has waited a lifetime to find his mate, and now he must let her go. Can he? Will he destroy the prophecy for the sake of his pack? Or ruin the only good thing to ever come into his life?

Amazon     Apple Books     Kobo


Storm has lived centuries as an immortal, but not a vampire. As a member of Solas an Latha, and a vampire not long into this existence, he has set his path to find justice against Araphel’s assassin. But everything changes when a familiar heartbeat reaches his senses, making him forget everything but her. Vanessa Richmond makes a living solving mysteries of the past, doing everything so that her ill father and young daughter can live happily without worries. But when her employer hires Vanessa to solve a case involving the mysterious deaths of nine students, her existence will change by the touch of a vampire who once called the ocean his home. What will happen when these two souls come together, and their need for passion outweighs the need to end an evil that wishes both dead? Join them as they investigate a mystery as old as time, and embrace the desire that neither can ignore.

Amazon NOTE: It’s not showing as AmazonKU today but most of the rest of the series is.


Sebastian Bressal has lived centuries with the fact that he comes from evil, wanting to forget his centuries with Araphel and the need to end his half-brother, who makes the devil seem like a teddy bear. He is a traitor to Araphel and has decided to cut the cobra off at the head, ending the evil’s recruitment. It is all he can think about, all he wants, not expecting to find cariturnus along the way. Zhao, a daughter, police officer, and now private detective, has survived much torment, including her survival against wagging tongues that believe she killed her fiance’s killer. The gossip and allegations caused her to leave the police force, but she did not cease in her wish to aid all innocents, even if associated with evil. Yet, when she meets Agent Bressal, all thoughts of her past vanish in the Oregon mist, leaving her with the need to experience more with Sebastian than looking for a serial killer. Neither Sebastian nor Zhao can disregard the passion growing between them, nor can the evil which hunts them. Can they discover who the vigilante is before Araphel kills Sebastian? Can Zhao save him from those he once called family?   AmazonKU


Atlas’s simple crush gets complicated when Gavin turns out to be more than human. Can Atlas protect him as he becomes part of the paranormal world? Paranormal Protectors: Atlas is the prequel novella to Paranormal Protectors: Gavin. This series is best read in order.     AmazonKU


I formed a temporary mate bond with the unseelie king… but he wants to make it permanent. And with the klynnas now hunting us down, we don’t have time to worry about a relationship. Friends with benefits? Maybe. But now that the klynnas are attacking and our world is changing, I can’t risk falling in love again. Aev, on the other hand? He’s already decided that he’ll convince me to be his, and I don’t know if I even want to fight him on it. Our lives are at stake… and now our hearts are, too.     AmazonKU


I’m the girl next door who looks for love in all the wrong places. Until the day my smoking hot neighbours who’ve always treated me like a little sister rescue me from the men who hurt me. They tend my wounds. They care for me. They make me whole again. And now the gloves are off. They’re my fated mates. And they won’t give me up for anyone. My enemies are determined to find and enslave me, but my three possessive, dangerous, and slightly unhinged alphas will lay waste to an entire city if that’s what it takes to keep me safe. And they may just have to.     AmazonKU


As the leader of the Bear Creek Guardians, it is Thane’s duty to protect the town folk—and their secrets. When two hikers go missing in his beloved mountains, the last thing this bear shifter needs is a curious journalist poking around. Even if she is his mate!
Soon Thane is torn between the oath his ancestors swore as a Bear Creek Guardian and the bond he shares with his mate. But are ancient unseen forces guiding him? Sable came to town seeking answers about the disappearance of two hikers. She definitely didn’t expect an irresistible protector to come ambling into her life…and possibly her heart. Before she knows it, Sable is falling into Thane’s strong capable arms. And irresistible paws. When the mystery surrounding the missing hikers deepens, these fated mates must find answers before it’s too late. But their investigation soon puts Sable’s life in jeopardy. And Thane must race to save his mate… And the future of the Bear Creek Guardians. Danger has come prowling into these woods. And this guardian has scented his perfect match at last—if only he can persuade his curious mate to stand by his side forever. Descended from the first Bear Creek Guardians, Thane is sworn to carry on their legacy. As leader of the six protectors bound by blood and duty, he has almost given up hope of finding his perfect mate. But in fighting for their future and the survival of his kind against dangers that threaten to tear them apart, this bear shifter will discover that love gives even the greatest of warriors their greatest strength.     AmazonKU


On the worst night of his life, Douglas both almost dies and meets the man who will change his life forever. The only problem is Eben might be dead. Okay, he’s probably dead. Maybe. Neither of the men are sure of anything about their situation, even after Eben saves Douglas’s life. The problem is that Douglas is the only one who can see him. The only thing they’re sure of is the fact that fate brought them together as true-mates, and they’ll do anything to stay together, even if the cycle of life and death tries to stand between them. Douglas has been through hail and high water, and he’s not letting anything else stand in the way of his happiness and the reunion with his pup, but will love and grit be enough to ensure his happily ever after with Eben?     AmazonKU


Greyson hides many things from the Unseelie Court when they invade his estate each autumn for the Wild Hunt. During his required appearance as host, he is surprised to find a human among the glittering fae. She can see him even when he is using his stealth magic, which means only one thing—they are soul mates. Can he protect her amidst the swirl of fae politics and a plot against her life? Lyra has grown up among the fae. She has been trained to be the perfect servant. Then her master brings her to the Unseelie Court event of the year and demands she demonstrate her skills to nobles. With the promise of freedom as a motivator, she willingly agrees. Then she realizes her master’s true plan thanks to the intimidating fae lord hosting the event. Though why he would be invested in her fate is a mystery.     AmazonKU


Wolf – My sights set on her the moment she drove into town. From the moment her darling aroma invaded my senses, Blythe was mine. I’d watched her silently, I’d allowed Ghost his time, I’d supported Onyx through his turmoil. All the while the sleeping alpha raged inside me, wanting to make her his in every way. But how could I let him out when he was so at odds with her sweet, gentle giant, Wolfgang Jack? My alpha was wild, untamed, and so… so hungry. When my community is in shambles and Fenrir pack needs me to rise up to the challenge, can I do that while reconciling the beast within? Little Red Riding Hood is walking through my forest now. And she won’t escape me this time. Blythe – Running, always running. Afraid of the darkness that haunts me, fleeing my past, always at the mercy of whatever grabs me in the night. The Halloween Boys had given me safety, security, and more love and passion than I’d ever imagined. But now Wolf needs me and it’s time to learn how to be his luna. The women of Fenrir lead their pack with strength and grace. They don’t cower, they hunt. If I run now, it’ll be because I want to. If I run now, it’ll be because I want to be caught. And now I’m ready for his claws and teeth.     AmazonKU


World of Aquatica: Uncertain why, a shifter keeps getting drawn back to a particular coffee shop… until he’s approached by the busboy and everything becomes clear. Working as a high-profile lawyer for his shifter pod, Saul Davison keeps prying eyes away from his wealthy Alpha Kaiser Rush’s affairs. His position earns him wealth and prestige due to being a cutthroat in the courtroom. The fact that he’s secretly a lion’s mane jellyfish and won’t settle down for anyone but his mate, earns him the reputation of a playboy. Saul enjoys both—the finer things the money buys, as well as the plethora of floozies attracted to his bed. When Saul finds himself repeatedly returning to a small coffee shop, he can’t understand the allure. He doesn’t even like coffee. Sitting at a table, drinking chai tea, Saul is pondering the oddity when a young Hispanic human approaches him… and asks if he can join Saul. Saul’s knee-jerk reaction is to say no, but there’s just something so earnest and sweet in the human’s expression—not something that normally attracts him. Buying time, Saul offers his hand. As the human slides his palm against Saul’s—introducing himself as Mateo—a zing of awareness rushes through Saul’s body, and it all becomes clear. Mateo is his mate. Can Saul win his sweet young human’s heart and share the world of shifters with him, or will his reputation get in the way?     Amazon     Kobo


I made a deal with a coven for the life of my mate. In exchange, in my haste, I allowed them to absorb my powers. Powers I’d only come into for a short time. They stole them. I was an ignorant human, desperate for my mate. They took advantage of it. I will get it back, if it’s the last thing I do. Storm was bitten by vampires. Bishop and Fox made it out alive. I’ve got a gang of paranormal rogues out for my neck, or all of me. I have three mates–at least, that’s what I think. At least I gave up my powers for something real–someone who means the world to me. I would’ve given my life if they had asked. It kind of feels like I did. I’ve made a deal with the devil, or at least the witches, and now I have to find out how to undo it. Figure out this whole harem business. Find out who is the mastermind behind these attacks and why they want me. Just a typical day in this new city life.     AmazonKU


The vampiress Freida has discovered Shay. Wonderful. Guess there’s no rest for the wicked, as they say. Am I wicked? Just a little. As a Starlight witch, I’ve had my fair share of struggles. I mean, let’s face it, being a witch is tough enough, but when you add a little sister into the mix, things get crazy. Shay’s got the power of the sun inside her, and everyone wants a piece of that, including the evil vampiress Freida. She wants to use my little sister for her own nefarious purposes, and I’ll be damned if I let that happen. To make matters worse, my past has come back to haunt me. My giantess friend, Catelyn, still blames me for her parents’ death, and she’s got a vendetta against me that even my Starlight magic can’t fix. I’ve got to protect Shay and keep her safe from Freida while dodging Catelyn’s giantess fists and icy glares. So I’ve got to protect Shay from Freida and try to convince Catelyn I’m not the villain she makes me out to be. Easy peasy, right? Wrong. Because when you mix magic, vampires, and old grudges, things tend to get a bit messy. It’s not all doom and gloom, though. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve and a couple of magical friends who’ve got my back, including my sexy-as-sin giant boyfriend, Valen. And I never back down from a challenge. Ever.     AmazonKU


Hexes were meant to be broken. All I wanted was to live my life peacefully alone within the Allura Empire. But my serene existence was put into jeopardy when five mages barged into my adventurer’s guild uninvited. Their orders came from the Lethium Empire, and they were clear; I had to free them of their curse or replace them as the shield of the empire. The problem was, breaking their curses wasn’t the only thing on my mind when it came to these mages. Casper and Jasper, the psychotic twin mages, one light and one dark, that shattered my resolve every chance they got. Aimon, the caring earth mage that broke down my walls one meal at a time. Bastian, the quirky potion mage who stole my breath with each failing concoction. Silas, the insufferable dual-classed mage that annoyed the spirit out of me with every empire-damned opinion he spouted. It started out as breaking a few curses, but their curses were only a fraction of the true threat looming over us all.     AmazonKU


VS Note: From MAY 31.

I was used to getting the short end of the stick, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when I found myself fleeing my cheating ex, only to be run off the road and attacked by a vicious creature, barely escaping with my life. Whisked away to the middle of the woods with no car or money, I found myself surrounded by crazies who claim to shift into animals and run in packs during the full moon. Even crazier? They say I’m one of them. And so was my attacker. Normally I’d be running for the hills, but when the leader of this group tells me there have been other deadly attacks and I’m the sole survivor, the ten thousand dollar bounty he offers in exchange for my help is too tempting to resist. Forced to partner with a gorgeous but infuriating rogue shifter who challenges me at every turn, we’re propelled into a race against the clock to track down the killer. Before it’s too late.   AmazonKU


Welcome to Mystic Hollow where wildest dreams (trust me, they do get wild) come true. As Alpha of Mystic Hollow’s bear shifter clan, duty dictates my every move. When the Shifter Council responds to our declining population by enacting the BfB (Brides for Beasts) program, the guys are pretty excited to be introduced to human females. I am too, until I fall head over heels for the program coordinator who makes it very clear she is not one of the bride-wannabes. Fine. I’m a patient man. I’ll convince her . I have time. Except I DON’T have time. The council demands I be the first to select a bride—within two days! Then I screw up, shift into a grizzly before her eyes, freak her the eff out……and she takes off running.     AmazonKU



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