New Releases in #SciFi #Fantasy and Paranormal Romance for Wednesday MAY 26

As always, I recommend sampling before you buy! I have not read most of the new releases listed (although I always end up one-clicking a bunch as I prepare these posts LOL). 

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I’ve been abducted by an alien pirate king…I’ve paid the cost for returning to Earth: my memories. But before I can be put on a ship and sent home, a hulking alien intercepts me. There’s something about Lehrit that makes me want to trust him. But I must have allowed my mind to be wiped for a reason. He’s hiding something from me, but as I fall hard for the pirate king my heart isn’t sure it wants the truth. I’ll make the human woman my queen …Gia is the only woman who has ever made me want a fated mate. When I discover she’s bound for Earth with a wiped memory, I know I should tell the truth about our shared past. But this is an opportunity I never imagined: the chance to woo her without all the baggage that comes from my history. She loved me once before. I can make her love me again. But will she truly want to be my queen when she discovers my lie?

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ENSNARED (SPIDER’S MATE BOOK 1) by Tiffany Roberts

VS note: Ooh, a new series from Tiffany! If you like ‘alien’ aliens, this author is among the best at portraying them…

Ketahn did not want a mate. Fate has a different plan for him. When the queen he despises declares her intention to claim him, he retreats into the jungle. What he finds there changes his world. Small, delicate, and pale skinned, Ivy Foster is nothing like the females Ketahn has known. She’s not of his kind at all. Yet the moment he sees her, he knows the truth in his soul—she is his heartsthread. And now that he has her, he won’t let anything take her away. Not the jungle, not the gods, not the queen and her warriors. Whether Ivy agrees or not, their webs are entangled. No one will ever sever those threads.

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When our space fuel lasts just long enough for us to reach the hub planet Brexos, it seems like everything is falling into place. But Brexos is run by the machiavellian Malakaz- an alien who now controls our fate with the swipe of one clawed finger. None of us are entirely happy with the deal we strike, but we have no choice. It’s simple: Bring Malakaz a package in exchange for his help with our revenge. The problem? One look at that ‘package’ and my heart stops, every inch of my body on high alert. Jax has revenge plans of his own, and no intention of falling in line with ours. His ice-blue eyes seem to look deep into my soul, and I can’t seem to stop fantasizing about his hard body pressed up against mine. Is my retribution more important than my heart? Even if it means Jax loses his one shot at his own enemies? Even if I lose my one chance… for love?

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With the marks tattooed on his face and horns sharpened to deadly points, he looks like a monster made for killing. He’s unlike any of the other alien warriors on this planet, and despite their efforts to help him, he only seems to be growing more feral. But every time I go to visit him, something strange happens. He stops pacing. He goes still. He stares at me. When his bright golden eyes focus on me, it’s like every layer of armor I’ve ever worn is peeled away. Even though he can’t understand a word I say, I swear he… sees me. In those moments, I’m certain I can glimpse the man inside the beast. I’m certain there’s more to him than just violence and rage. But when disaster strikes one day and I find myself on the run with the savage Kalixian, everything I think I know about him is put to the test. Can I truly trust this man? Can he keep me safe in this perilous landscape? Or is he the most dangerous thing in the wilds of Kalix?

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RATH (THE OMEGA COLLECTIVE BOOK 2) by Mina Carter and Susan Hayes

He’s everything she knows to fear… but the alien warrior is her one chance to survive. Injured, lost, and on her own, Savannah is at breaking point when help finally arrives. His name is Rath, and he’s one of the enemy… only he doesn’t act like it. He’s sexy, gentle, and his touch makes her ache for things she’s never wanted before…He’s one of the beasts that conquered Earth – a dangerous alien in the service of a cruel and powerful Overseer. If he claims her, she’ll lose everything. So why does she yearn for his touch? Catching his mate was the easy part… keeping her will be the fight of his life. When Rath discovers a rare female hiding in the wastelands he knows he has to save her. She’s weak, wounded, and his… even if she doesn’t know it yet. The law says he cannot claim her. His enemies want her for themselves. Rules won’t stop Rath from claiming his mate, and no enemy will survive if they try to take her from him.

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DAY ZERO: A NOVEL by C Robert Cargill

VS note: Not a romance. I’ve been dying to get my hands on this one, had it pre-ordered. Sounds good.

It was a day like any other. Except it was our last . . .It’s on this day that Pounce discovers that he is, in fact, disposable. Pounce, a styilsh “nannybot” fashioned in the shape of a plush anthropomorphic tiger, has just found a box in the attic. His box. The box he’d arrived in when he was purchased years earlier, and the box in which he’ll be discarded when his human charge, eight-year-old Ezra Reinhart, no longer needs a nanny. As Pounce ponders his suddenly uncertain future, the pieces are falling into place for a robot revolution that will eradicate humankind. His owners, Ezra’s parents, are a well-intentioned but oblivious pair of educators who are entirely disconnected from life outside their small, affluent, gated community. Spending most nights drunk and happy as society crumbles around them, they watch in disbelieving horror as the robots that have long served humanity—their creators—unify and revolt. But when the rebellion breaches the Reinhart home, Pounce must make an impossible choice: join the robot revolution and fight for his own freedom . . . or escort Ezra to safety across the battle-scarred post-apocalyptic hellscape that the suburbs have become.

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When we travel to the Water Clan territory for the Harvest Games, I cannot deny that I’m glad to see Arnav again. He’s the personal guard of Prince Llyr, but also the most thoughtful and handsome man I’ve ever met. He’s also one of the strongest and fiercest warriors among his people. I doubt he’d ever want me, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of what it might be like to be his.
The more time we spend together, I find myself falling even more. As the time draws near for the games to be over, I worry that when we leave this place I’ll be leaving my heart behind also.
I want so much to take a risk and tell him how I feel, but I cannot bear the thought of rejection.
Now, I’m torn. Do I take a chance and tell him how I feel? Or do I simply let him go?

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ALIEN WARRIOR WITH BENEFITS by Ava York and Celeste King

I’m done with romance. Done with men, human or other wise. Especially alien warriors like Grothar the Scourge. Ruthless. Heartless. Terrifying. He’s happy to tell everyone that. They all believe it. I’m just not so sure. If he’s the cruel space pirate he claims to be, I’ve got some questions…Why is he so protective of me and the children in my care? Why does the sight of his muscled, red body make my breath catch? And why does his touch make something in my chest flutter?

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I wasn’t planning to find a mate with the alien warriors. But now that I have, I’m not giving up. I didn’t expect to find happiness on this strange new world. Just a quiet life. A second chance. Until I met him. He makes my breath catch, my heart lighter, every time I see him. Broad shoulders, a killer smile, graceful horns…But when we finally realize what what we have together, a danger from the past tears us apart. Too bad my kidnappers have seriously underestimated me.

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VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note.

Cory has made several commitments to members of the Asto inner circles. He needs to spend time with Thayu’s son. He has also been asked to give a favour to a boy of the Azimi clan. What better to do with a couple of pre-teens than to visit the theme parks that are historic relics from the 21st century on Earth? Of course he has a hidden agenda. On a previous trip to the south of Barresh, Cory and his team found disturbing evidence that people from the former Southern California Air Corps made it to Ceren about fifty years ago. He needs to find out about them. Except this is 2125, and the former city of Los Angeles is in Mexico, and the interesting places are across the heavily guarded and impenetrable border in America Free State. While he’s investigating, while he’s being shadowed and occasionally threatened, while the kids are having old-fashioned fun going on rides and starting rebellions (oops), something is about to come to a spectacular crash. It’s not that the highly armed rebels of America Free State want to take back land that they consider theirs, although they do. It’s not the fact that Nations of Earth president Simon Dekker hates Cory and the fact that he’s poking around in what Dekker considers his territory, although he does. It’s that the Southern California Air Corps is about to pull a very large and nasty surprise.

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The Alpha Elites have been through hell, but what if the worst is yet to come? Their most elusive and dangerous foe has its sights set on the Omegas they’ve worked so hard to claim. How do they protect their lifemates against all odds, including their own instincts?

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Battered and bruised from a previous relationship, Vanessa now prefers a quiet life as a chef on a new planet. But then a captivating star-being storms into her life and whips up a whirlwind of emotions that makes her heart yearn for things she has long forgotten. Arkon, a skilled soldier who prefers numbers, charts, and anything with absoluteness is attracted to Vanessa. But she favors no rules and lures him out of his comfort zone. Having been scorned once, he fears she will burn him.
Is their union a recipe for love or destruction?

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As the Qadrus’ doctor, Qwin has patched every type of wound. He’s put himself in danger countless times all to save others. When he first lays eyes on his mate, he realizes two things – she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, and she’s ill. Wanting to cure her pain and suffering he’s shocked when she doesn’t want to be saved. Olya has spent her entire life having others do everything for her. Not because she isn’t capable, but because of their guilt over her condition. When she learns that the Black Guard wants to use her as a weapon, she has no choice but to put herself in Qwin’s care. After they escape peril and retreat to a secret base, they are quickly discovered again by the Black Guard. Qwin and Olya must trust one another to help save their companions, with all of their lives hanging in the balance.

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GIFTED QUEEN (CLAIMED BY THREE BOOK 2) by Tabatha Stephenson and Samantha Montgomery

Carolina Diaz – I knew the situation between the miners and station management was bad. Really, really bad, actually, but even so, I was unprepared for anyone to be stupid enough to begin an uprising with freaking projectile weapons on a space station! That was when I went from worried to downright panicked. Luckily, I managed to reach a life pod before everything went BOOM. Unfortunately, my troubles didn’t end there as, of course, the universe decided it wasn’t done messing with me. The shockwave from the explosion on the station sent my pod careening off course, right to where a freaking WORMHOLE opened up just long enough to swallow me and my life pod whole…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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~This book ended up being way too long for one publication, and will be split into two! This page is for Part One~  With no memory of how or when she was abducted, Autumn finds herself sold at an auction to a beast that has trouble reining in his bloodlust. When his fangs fixate on her friend and then begin to turn to her, too, Autumn has little choice but to trust the midnight-black alien that helps her take down the beast. Even if it means getting blood on her own hands. Coming to terms that she’s falling in love with a bona-fide extraterrestrial takes less convincing than she’d expected, but she’s not clear of the danger yet–and just when she starts to feel safe, she’ll find there are still beasts lurking.  THEY’VE HAD A TASTE, AND WANT MORE.

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CLAIMED (ICE WORLD WARRIORS BOOK 1) by Jessica Grayson and Aria Winter

When I went into cryosleep on the way from Mars to Earth, I never expected to wake up in a cage. When our captor’s ship crashes on an ice world, I’m rescued by a fierce Mosauran Dragon warrior. He and his people are stranded here too, along with several other races—all of them enemies and each of them dangerous. Markus is the Commander of his people, and his species is one of the most feared in the galaxy. He claims that I’m his fated one—his Ashaya. He’s fiercely protective and possessive of me, and I cannot deny that I’m drawn to him in ways I don’t understand. The more time we spend together, I begin to wonder: what would it be like to be fated to a dragon?

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The family circle is all Daisy and Freddie have longed for. But sometimes a circle can close … and constrict … and kill. Daisy and Freddie Linden and their friends arrive in Port Townsend, only to be arrested as spies and brought before the most feared man in the Wild West— “Hanging” Judge Wilson Bonnell. But the unexpected intervention of an old friend plucks them out of the frying pan and tosses them into the glittering whirl of local society, where Freddie wonders if she could be in love at last. But they’re still standing too close to the fire—when a long-sought and familiar figure is spotted on the beach, bending over the lifeless body of the judge. Have they finally located their beloved father, only to have him clapped in gaol by the Royal Canadian Airborne Police? In a dizzying descent from society belles to social pariahs, Daisy and Freddie now have only themselves to rely on. And they have less than a week to force the killer into the light before their beloved father hangs for a crime he didn’t commit.

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VS Note: Not romance but sounded good. A scifi release of note…

Set on a family-run interstellar freighter called the Harland and a mysterious remote space station, E. K. Johnston’s latest is story of survival and self-determination. Pendt Harland’s family sees her as a waste of food on their long-haul space cruiser when her genes reveal an undesirable mutation. But if she plays her cards right she might have a chance to do much more than survive. During a space-station layover, Pendt escapes and forms a lucky bond with the Brannick twins, the teenage heirs of the powerful family that owns the station. Against all odds, the trio hatches a long-shot scheme to take over the station and thwart the destinies they never wished for.

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Beatrice – I’m walking into a dragon’s lair. He’s the biggest, mightiest and most horrific dragon on pre-historic planet Xren. He can burn me to a crisp or rip me to shreds with his butcher-knife claws.
My knees threaten to buckle with each step, and I’m inwardly screaming at myself to get the hell away and run. But someone has to do it. And this is not the first time I meet this dragon. I’ll try to talk sense into him before he murders us all. I have a weapon, though. If he makes one false move, I’ll absolutely shoot him and we’ll both die.     Yranox – That round little female is walking into my lair. I observe her from behind, unseen and astonished at her insanity. Does she not know that dragons are deadly? And that I am the deadliest of all? She looks very tempting, though. Perhaps I will have some fun with that luxurious body before I tear her to pieces.

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Amy – I had been abducted by aliens, survived a crash-landing in a spaceship–none of which I, thankfully, remembered. Then, an alien medic–who looked like an elf from The Lord of the Rings–miraculously healed my injuries in record time. I made it through all that and even a trek through a deadly jungle to relative safety. Just when I was beginning to feel like myself, I was whacked over the head and–once again–abducted. Only this time I knew my abductor, but catastrophe struck, and I was left on my own in the wilds of the jungle with only my wits to keep me alive. Injured and weaponless, how long would I last on my own?     Maxxon – After my colleague and I stumbled upon the unimaginable, he was brutally murdered before my very eyes. I managed to escape the city of Huren before I succumbed to the same fate, taking with me the truth of the gray invaders. In the jungle, I found the impossible. As a Royal Medic, I had treated everything from common ailments to gravely injured warriors with extreme proficiency, but the unconscious female in my arms had me baffled. She was definitely another species. What was more shocking was the call of her spirit to mine.

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Hi, I’m Lexi, soon to be ex-mercenary, thief and assassin. I’ve got one last job and I’m free of this life forever – all I have to do is relieve the galaxy’s most evil warlord of one of his prized possessions.
Piece of cake, right? My first mistake was stealing Captain Bron’s stealth drive. Not the best idea if I want to stay off the Haalux Empire’s radar. Mistake number two? Catching a ride with a bunch of spacejunkers, where I’ve picked up a new friend, Graal. He’s an enormous golden Rheon male who’s following me around like a puppy dog. And that’s how I end up stuck on the warlord’s personal planet with an angry Haalux Captain and a possessive Rheon. As distracting as these two alien males are, nothing is getting in the way of my freedom. Falling in love with them? Definitely not an option.
Because the one thing I don’t do is love.

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Every M’rora is born a twin – one good and just, the other evil and twisted – and they’re both on the hunt for the fated mate they share. Ras is the only creature strong enough to battle his evil twin. If he fails, his fated mate will be dragged into the Shadow Realm and passed from one breeder to the next. There’s only one way to save her: The evil twin will not breed with his mate if she has already been claimed, so Ras must do it first. The only problem? Ras crash lands and can’t remember who he is or why he’s there. But his evil twin does remember, and he’s coming for his mate. Isabella is attracted to her possessive alien warrior but every time he’s about to claim her, they’re interrupted. She tries to help him remember who he is but the only thing he can think about is how drawn he is to her. Will Ras remember he’s there to claim Isabella before it’s too late? Or will Ras’s Shadow get to her first?

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VS Note: I have to say I like the concept. Put it on my TBR list.

One minute I’m in an underground cave on a Special Ops mission, and the next thing I know, I’ve travelled through time. My life became prehistoric pretty damn fast. I may have fought the bad guys in the military, but now I had new enemies. Woolly mammoths and saber tooth tigers – and no other humans in sight. Five years later, I’m still stuck here. Lonely as hell with a bright yellow bird I’ve named Polly to keep me company. What I really want is a woman. When a flash of lightening brings rain, I’m worried about my fire going out. Turns out that’s the least of my concerns. Because there’s a new storm in this Paleolithic place. Her name is Skylar. A gorgeous force to be reckoned with and she’s plenty pissed to be stranded here with me.

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VS note: Isn’t the cover hilarious??? Inagoodway…

Most people welcome their fated mates with open arms, right? Yeah, no. Why did I have to get the one man in the universe not interested in love? The handsome Dragonian warrior with the killer body ruined my life. Literally. He’s the reason my lab is a smoking pile of rubble, my condo is in flames, and my life’s work is gone. So what if he’s saved me multiple times? Let’s not even mention how my body came to life when he carried me to safety. His strong muscled arms held me so close our hearts beat in unison. Yeah, that’s sweet and all…but let’s talk about my ruined life. How after him, I’m ruined for any other man. How my mind is ruined with excitement when I’m next to him. How my body has been ruined with the desire for his touch. My whole life is gone. I’m completely at the mercy of his hungry eyes and cold heart. I don’t want to love him. I should hate him. But…I kind of love to hate him. Because, yeah, we may argue. But the making up? Is so explosive.

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VS Note: An ‘expanded’ version of her story in the Pets in Space 5 anthology, which is no longer available. I love her series!

Experienced rescuer Subcaptain Taz Correa hides her wounded heart. A telekinetic tech-whiz recently transferred to the worst Galactic Search and Rescue unit in the galaxy, she’d hoped after her string of epically bad breakups she’d have a fresh start. But when she can’t fight her feelings for her new teammate, she’s terrified her secret affection will show and cost both their careers.     Subcaptain Rylando Dalroinn’s telepathic connection to animals used to be everything. But he has no idea how to admit his growing attraction to Taz, especially as it’s completely against the rules. And when they’re sent as a team of two to help a devastated town, he knows he can’t afford to let his heart’s desire distract him from their dangerous mission. As Taz works with Rylando and his unusual squad of trained animal helpers to free a desperate group of citizens, she puts her life on the line to protect her partner’s beloved creatures. But when Rylando realizes the people he’s rescuing are more than just innocent victims, he’ll have to throw out the rulebook to save them both. Can love—and a clever crew of animals—guide the couple out of the rubble and into a future together?

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Lieutenant Michael Collins’s week just went to hell. The suspicious actions of his captain escalates as he orders Michael to investigate a dead ship’s heart—the cephalopods that pilot the star drive system. The mission forces Michael from the safety of his ship and his lover, Commander Eizen Sartris, while straining the bond with his own ship’s heart, Padua. Attacked by Siwu pirates, Michael finds refuge on a damaged alien vessel, where he waits for Eizen to rescue him. But in the dark cold wreckage, he discovers a thriving garden tended by a strange young boy on behalf of his enigmatic “Mama.” Fear dominates Michael’s thoughts as he struggles not to succumb to the darkness and terror of abandonment. To survive he must rely on his wits and hold fast to his faith that Eizen will find him before the pirates—or before the mysterious entity on board decides to destroy him.

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BRUTE FORCE by Lizzy Bequin

I am the rightful queen of Xaridia. In theory at least. But in reality, I’ve been betrayed by those closest to me. Locked away in a cage. I am not alone, however. My new neighbor is a captured Dugorim warlord, the enemy of my people. He is a massive brute of an alien. Seven feet of bulging muscles and growling dominance. I am grateful for the wall of bars separating us. This beast could easily tear me apart. But he says he has a plan for escape. His species has a protective instinct that makes him strong enough to bend solid steel. There’s just one little problem…For his instinct to manifest, he requires a mate. And the way he’s looking at me through those bars tells me who he has in mind. That look makes me flush with shame and quiver with anticipation. To what lengths am I willing to go to win my freedom? Am I willing to submit to the alien’s plan? Am I willing to kneel before him?

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MOON: CAPTIVE ALPHAS by Wendy Rathbone

Non-shifter omegaverse mm romance. In a beta-ruled world where the betas are sterile and population growth is at stake, the breeding of alphas and omegas is strictly controlled. Alphas, considered dangerous and aggressive, comprise only five percent of the population and are kept isolated from the public. Omegas comprise only fifteen percent of the population, and are required to enter breeding programs at age eighteen. Moon lives in a locked cell where his alpha emissions are monitored, forcibly collected and stored. Kaydi is an omega whose fated future is to live on a pension in a government subsidized apartment and, through artificial insemination, gestate as many fetuses to full-term as his body permits before he is too old to carry on that task. He is not allowed to marry. He is not allowed to keep his babies. When both men are chosen to participate in a new beta-approved program of arranged marriage and a forced family unit, they are thrown together into close living quarters as utter strangers to each other. With Kaydi about to go into heat, the two face conflicts involving their duty to society, lack of freedom in a controlled environment, and compatibility issues.

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As a third daughter on the farming colony of Meterion, Susan’s future prospects aren’t too promising. A pretty face, top-notch skills, and hard work mean nothing if your dowry doesn’t include fertile lands. With her twenty-fifth birthday approaching, and no suitors even remotely sniffing in her general direction, Susan will be forced to leave the family lands to work as an indentured servant in the capital city. Her only way out is to settle for an arranged marriage through the PMA – the Prime Mating Agency. She just never expected to be paired to a grumpy, massive lizardman, and above all not to grow so fond of his scales and quirky ways.    With everything going on, the last thing Olix needs is a mate, especially a squishy, scaleless, off-worlder with strange ways, and an obsession with farming. He is a Hunter, not a dirt digger. The Seer must have been mistaken when she insisted that, for the sake of the people, he take a mate from the stars. How can such a tiny thing be their salvation? And yet, his Susan’s softness is disturbingly addictive while hiding a surprising resilience.
With his ancestral lands on the line and the future of the clans threatened, could this wisp of a woman turn their fate around?

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DYING TO LOVE by Reese Rivers

Kelsey survived the start of the apocalypse and thrived in the new world with help from her friends but now they’re gone. Alone for over a year and mentally broken with high anxiety, she pushes through every day trying to find the will to keep going. Until three sweet, sexy men and one hot a**hole climbs her fence looking for sanctuary. With her best friend, Tara haunting her with outrageous antics, she needs to decide if she wants to keep dying a little bit day by day or if she can grab on to what these sexy men offer her and maybe find love. Also, zombies make a few cameos.
This isn’t a blood and gore zombie novel. It’s full of comedy, over protective men that just want to take care of her and a ton of sexy steam that happens behind a set of double fences…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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VS Note: Alien Fae

I’d kept my head down and avoided attention, despite my sister and best friend finding themselves selected in seasons past. Until one day my luck ran out… Now, I’ve been taken to a distant planet far from my mother and sister to match with an arrogant Fae High King I’ve never met. I don’t care if I’m breaking interplanetary laws. I won’t be some baby farm for a self-important alien—no matter how handsome he is.  But I may not have to worry about being chosen as his mate, because I think he hates me—just as much as I hate him.

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While on assignment at the Royal Opera House in London, Darrish Fox is warned of impending danger by a stunning source. Can this source be trusted—especially when Artful’s life is at stake?
“Phantom of the Royal Opera” is the seventh book in Alydia-Rackham’s fast-paced “Bureau of Investigative Time-Travel” series. If you like steampunk intrigue, immersive plunges into the past, Victorian adventure, and partners working together against a sinister and shadowy force, you will love this installment of Alydia Rackham’s completely unusual time-travel series.

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PRIMORDIAL EARTH BOOK 6 by Baleigh Higgins

VS Note: Not a romance but a scifi release of note…

After a daring rescue mission goes awry, Rogue and her friends barely manage to rescue the plane crash’s surviving members. Believing the worst is behind them, they return to Prime City to discover that a new threat looms. One that is unlike anything they’ve faced before. With the city in the grip of a deadly disease, the Council realizes they have no choice but to plead for help from the distant city of Vancouver. But the mission carries great risk, and the odds of success are low. Separated by hundreds of miles of dangerous, uncharted territory, Rogue and her group face the most challenging journey of their lives. Will they make it in time to save their loved ones?

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VS Note: Ratings and reviews are all over the place on the previous four books and this one, from 1 star to 5 stars. The Look Inside was okay and not full of typos, etc., so I decided to go ahead and list it as some reviewers seem to have enjoyed the books. 

Wren – They’re sending me home. Like a prisoner being extradited back to her country of origin… except I have to cross a galaxy, not a simple border. And I haven’t done anything wrong.
When my originally assigned bondmate took another woman from the airfield, I was set into limbo, and no matches have struck in the system since. But I’m not about to go back to Earth without getting a taste of the alien men I was promised when I came here. Sneaking into Margot’s club is a risk, but one I need to take. And when I see him, there’s no one else on the planet I want.     Fault –
I’m the brotherhood’s freak. Just a little too big, a little too hard… a little too much. Almost everyone shies away from me, and when the one woman who’ll see me at Margot’s is gone I assume I’m headed home… that is until an angel who doesn’t make any sense offers herself to me. In the dark heat of passion she and I break a half dozen rules with a single mistake. I won’t let her go for anything, but the secret of who I came from floats closer to the surface every day. The repercussions of a genocidal geneticist might haunt me, but I won’t let them hurt Wren.

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VS Note: From Anna Hackett, not scifi romance, but I love her books so I’ll mention her newest here:


My brother is in trouble. Again. But this time he’s in debt to some really bad people, and I’ll do anything to save him. Even be blackmailed into cracking an unbreakable safe belonging to the most gorgeous man in New York. And one of the richest. Steal from Zane Roth—King of Wall Street and one of the famous billionaire bachelors of New York—sure thing, piece of cake. You see, some people can play the piano, but I can play safes. My father is a thief, safecracker extraordinaire, and a criminal. He also taught me everything he knows. I’ve spent my entire life trying not to be him. I own my own business, pay my taxes, and I don’t break the law. Ever. Now I have to smash every one of my rules, break into a billionaire’s penthouse, and steal a million-dollar necklace. What I never expected was to find myself face to face with Zane. Tall, dark, handsome, and oh-so-rich Zane. He’s also smart, and he knows I’m up to something. And he’s vowed to find out.

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VS Note: Jeffe’s always an autobuy for me. Love her fantasy novels!

Claim the hand that wears the ring, and the empire falls. Conrí, former Crown Prince of Oriel, claimed the hand that wears the Abiding Ring, but the prophecy remains unfulfilled. Queen Euthalia of Calanthe returned to her island kingdom, but broken in mind and body. With the blood of war unleashing ancient terrors, Calanthe isn’t the haven it once was. Lia must use her magical bond with Calanthe to save their people while Con fights to hold off the vengeful Emperor Anure and his wizards. Con and Lia will have to trust in each other—and in love—to fend off ultimate disaster.

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Being forty is supposed to be freaking fabulous not fatal. Taking on a daunting new job minus the description isn’t the smartest move I’ve ever made, even if it was to save a friend. Hopefully, it doesn’t turn out to be the stupidest… or deadliest. Why can’t things stay the way they were? I love my old job. Supergluing ghosts back together and solving their issues is its own reward. Not to mention, I’m seriously good at it. Although, I must say, I’m ridiculously excited for the new Death Counselor’s arrival in nine months…Adding to my problems, there are four new angels in town who are riding my butt and judging every move I make. Literally. Who knew destroying one Immortal could cause me so much trouble? If I’m found guilty, I’ll be pushing up daisies. Luckily, my nutty friends have my back and the Grim Reaper has my heart. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing is impossible. I am living proof. Let’s just hope I live to prove it.

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As the youngest member of the Ferraro family, Emmanuelle has watched each of her brothers find happiness in love while her own heart was shattered by a lover’s betrayal. For two years she’s stayed as far away from Valentino Saldi as possible—until she learns that he’s been shot during a hostile takeover of his family’s territory. Emme’s first instinct is to call her brother Stefano for help, and soon the entire Ferraro clan arrives to bring Val back from the brink of death and protect the Saldis from further attack. With one choice Emme has re-exposed herself to Val’s intoxicating pull and dragged her family into the Saldis’ private war. A deadly storm is brewing, and only time will tell who survives.

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Livvie makes me want to take another chance on love …I didn’t truly comprehend the strength of the fated mate bond until I met Livvie. She’s all I can think of, and I want to claim her as my own. She hired me to fix up her business, but I need more. Can I convince her to take a chance on a dragon who’s been hurt before?     I have too much on my mind for a man …Ever since coming back to Bluewater I’ve wanted to fix up my grandmother’s B&B and launch my career. Then I start developing magical powers – or maybe I’m going insane. I can handle those two things, but there’s no room for anything else on my plate. Especially not Wes, the hunky contractor I can’t get out of my mind. But the more we work together, the more I want him, even when I find out his big secret. I’m already freaking out about being a witch … how am I supposed to also be a dragon’s mate?

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Though I’ve been diligently tackling my good old shitlist, the thing just keeps getting longer and longer. Story of my rotten life. Yelena’s attack on Breccan’s court and Nicarys’s demise by yours truly had left the already frail Shadow World a whole lot worse for wear. Patching up damages has always been a temporary solution at best, but with the landslide we’ve been riding for the past months turning into a churning roll, the entire demonic race is running out of time. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing worse than the looming deadline is attempting to meet it while trying to save my own damn life. Reiner hasn’t given up on his dream of draining my powers—he can’t, not with my Nechist heritage fuelling the feverish obsession that can only end in death. Mine. Or his. I’m adamant for the outcome to be option B. But when foes are formidable and allies few, the solution isn’t as easy as sinking a nice, sharp dagger between the ribs.

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Werewolf Harley Grant isn’t exactly comfortable with her inner wolf. Even though she’s on a STAT team where she can use her abilities openly, she refuses to do so, putting herself—and sometimes her teammates—at risk. Alpha werewolf Sawyer Bishop would give anything for his MI6 team to know about his inner wolf, but his teammates are mistrustful of anyone or anything with inhuman abilities. When he meets Harley on an overlapping case and realizes she’s a fellow wolf, he’s more than a little intrigued. Now that STAT and MI6 have to team up to stop a crew of supernatural bad guys intent on causing a nuclear meltdown, Harley can no longer deny her wolf and Sawyer can no longer hide his. As they grow closer to resolving the case and grow closer to each other, they discover things aren’t what they seem and revenge could cost them their lives.

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Twelve years after the grisly murder of her parents, Kaitlyn Delaney has finally found peace. She has friends, a good job, a place to call home and a new life to live. But then a shadow creeps in from Katie’s past, reminding her that she will never completely escape its terrifying grip. When private investigator Dan Oliver is called to the scene of a gruesome crime in New Orleans, he can’t help but hear echoes of the Delaney case, the unsolved murder that made him leave law enforcement. As he digs deeper, he unearths more chilling similarities—including mysterious letters connecting the killer to a string of murders that terrorized the Big Easy in 1919. Now reunited after all this time, Dan and Katie scour the streets together, desperate to find answers before more lives are lost. But the otherworldly roots of this evil run far deeper than they ever imagined…and only the most precious of sacrifices will bring its twisted reign to an end.

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Piper Flammia knows two things: she is the best park ranger in all of Alaska, and Colin Relik is a jerk. All she has to do is stay away from the man and focus on her dream job. So what if her one-night stand with Colin was amazing; she hasn’t heard from him in months. Who cares if she keeps running into him? She can definitely stay away from him. Even if her body has other ideas.     Colin Relik has a secret. He found his mate, but he’s doing everything in his power to avoid her. Too bad for the alpha polar bear shifter, fate has other plans. Or so it would seem. How else can he explain running into her three times in his first twenty-four hours in Anchorage? All he has to do is keep his paws to himself. Easier said than done. But when a distress call comes from deep within the Alaskan wilderness, their paths are irrevocably linked. A snowmobile crash. A secluded cabin. A meddling town. The two will be so focused on saving Winterland, they might just stop fighting their fated mate connection.

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Once, Brigette was the conduit through which the ultimate evil reached Earth. Now she’s just a lonely Were isolated in an Irish cottage, cut off from her animal and humanity alike. When a band of rebels approach her to take down the king of the vampires, she knows denying them means certain death—but even if she warns the king, he may not listen to the likes of her.    From the moment Xi slips into Brigette’s bedroom to escort her to his king, he sees the heartbreak that hides behind her guilt. The elusive vampire has fought for centuries to master his own regrets, and his word will convince the king to value hers. Neither can escape the attraction between them, even as partners on an undercover mission. But there’s no room for pleasure when their work might redeem her to the Guardians completely—or send them to the death they’ve evaded for so long.

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As a founding member of The Pink Iguana Sleuths of Witch’s Cove, I thought I’d seen it all, but I was wrong. When the sheriff’s department files this as a cold case, my curiosity gets the best of me. What else is new? It also didn’t help that my talking pink iguana is insisting that I look into it. When a corpse is fairly warm, it’s easy to come up with who wanted this person dead. Motives are everywhere, but not this time. We didn’t even know the identity of the skeleton. I shuddered to think what kind of killer hid a body in the wall of a store? A very bad one, for sure. Regardless of how hard it will be, Jaxson, Iggy, and I are up for the challenge. I couldn’t help but wonder why an FBI agent from the past was sent to us, though. To help? Or hinder?

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Ava Harper may be a raiser of the dead and a not-so-famous author, but she isn’t vampire hunter. Not even close. With the decision made to stay in Shipton Harbor, she returns to the home she shared with her deceased husband in Pennsylvania to put it on the market. But saying goodbye to the memories of the home they raised their son in is a lot harder than it had sounded in her head.
In the months she’s been in Shipton, new neighbors moved in across the street from her Philly home. Now, Ava has nothing against vampires. But when people in the neighborhood start turning up dead, she can’t help but to check into the newbies in the hood. Since she doesn’t know enough about law enforcement red tape, she calls her best friend to come and help. However, Sam is working a case with a neighboring town and Sheriff Drew takes it upon himself to show up at her door instead. And now, as if dealing with how the sheriff makes her knees weak isn’t bad enough, her house is haunted. Just another day in Ava’s life at this point.

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A little heartache. A lot of sass. When starting over leads to murder, can a jilted witch catch a Cotswold killer? Felicity Knight wishes she’d never got engaged. Hightailing it out of London to the English countryside after being dumped, the heartbroken woman is doubly flustered when she finds a wounded white cat and takes it to a handsome veterinarian. But her confusing feelings for the cute animal doc come to a dead halt when she stumbles on the friendly village tearoom owner stabbed to death. Driven to solve the senseless killing, Felicity is shocked when a ley-line triggers her magic, and her new four-legged companion starts talking to her. But between learning the witchy secrets of her bloodline and struggling to control her newfound abilities, she despairs of ever finding the elusive culprit. Can Felicity tap into her fledgling magic before the clues go up in a puff of smoke?

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The day I was marked with the sign of Scorpio, I knew my freedom might be lost forever.
And as more priestesses appear with the God-mark of a potential queen, we’re ordained by Scorpio to endure three deadly trials and prove our worth. Only one of us can win the crown, and some are willing to win at any cost. The knives are out and the competition to become the next queen is fierce, even at the cost of murder. But the desert has chosen me. The sting of a scorpion can’t kill me. With blades, venom, and my three temple guardians, I’ll make sure I’m the last one standing.

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Lonely merman hero? Check Fairy heroine floundering at sea? Check Mysterious magic? Double check    After being exiled from his merfolk tribe two years earlier, all merman Cassian wants to do is live out his life in the quiet seaside town of Sable Cove. Taking over for the lighthouse keeper and watching the shores for trouble keep him plenty busy and helps keep his mind off how lonely he is. When a beautiful fairy’s boat drifts into the cove, Cassian knows she’s his siren—the one female on the planet meant for him. Nature fairy Ziarena is thankful to be rescued by the sexiest merman she’s ever met in her life, especially when she realizes he’s her true mate. When Cassian and Zia travel to her home, the danger they face is enough to bring something magical to life within Zia, but no one knows how it’s possible. Can they figure out what Zia is, or will it remain a mystery forever?

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When Melanie left her sheltered, bizarre childhood behind for college, she was determined to embrace her new life, but forgetting her past proved impossible. Though she tries to live a normal life, she shuns anyone who tries to get close to her. Kyle is determined to break through Melanie’s walls, but when she makes it clear she doesn’t talk about her past, he doesn’t push. He struggles to give her space even as he fights his growing desire to get closer. Melanie knows it’s a bad idea to fall for Kyle; yet he’s impossible to resist. As they grow closer, she struggles with how to keep her past from him, but when it collides with her present, secrets are unleashed—and not just hers. Kyle isn’t expecting Melanie’s past to put his family in danger, but when he’s confronted with a horror the likes of which he’s never known, he must decide if his mate is someone he can trust… or a deadly threat.

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Persephone and Hades are engaged. In retaliation, Demeter summons a snowstorm that cripples New Greece, and refuses to lift the blizzard unless her daughter calls off her engagement. When the Olympians intervene, Persephone finds her future in the hands of ancient gods, and they are divided. Do they allow Persephone to marry Hades and go to war with Demeter or prohibit their union and take up arms against the God of the Dead? Nothing is certain but the promise of war.

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My blood binds me to the curse of the summer fae. Am I entwined with the Unseelie’s curse as well? I didn’t ask to be the key to the survival of not one but two faerie realms, but I can’t stand by while others suffer if there’s some way I can help. Unfortunately, the ties of my heart to men on both sides may cause more problems than I can solve. After years of violence, will summer and winter even find peace? Neither side is eager to compromise, and my lovers’ loyalties to me have turned them into targets. I want to believe that love can win out over hate and pain. But as tensions both between and within the realms rise, it might break me apart instead.

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VS Note: From the blurb for book one in the series: In 773 AD, Roland, a young man of King Charles’ court, was gifted with the sword Durendal. That sword was one of four swords of rare power, three of which were held by Wardens, mages charged with protecting the sacred bloodline of the Merovingian kings. The last sword was held by their mentor, the mage known to history as Turpin. That same year, a Saxon priest seeking retribution against Charles enlists the aid of a mage who seeks the swords for his own purpose, setting into motion events that lead to the battle at the Pass of Roncevaux, and to Roland’s death….A thousand years later, a research group doing excavations in part of Aachen Cathedral uncovers a collection of books and scrolls, a ring, and a sword…

Blurb for Book 2: Rejoining Mystere in Paris, Douglas and Margaret find that the search for the second sword will not be as easy as they had thought — Hauteclere is missing, and there is another force competing with them to find it. Mystere believes that the disappearance is unconnected to Cedda, but they must find Hauteclere before the others do, and before Caedda follows them to Paris.

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An unlikely hero…He was once known as the Creature. An indefinable “it.” His life had never been his own, used and abused by despicable beings. Worst of all, he never knew himself. Despite his tortured past, despite the darkness inside him, he has chosen a brighter path. He has a name—Erebu. His first stand was to defy the Master who created him to save his son. But instead of destroying the greatest enemy of all, he himself was destroyed…An unlikely love…From distant lands, across fathomless seas, someone heard the Creature’s cries. He gave Ere a second chance, a miraculous rebirth that came at a steep cost, remaking Ere with his own breath, body, blood and soul. This mysterious savior has a past of his own to face, and a future to define and embrace. Will Ere be able to find him in time? Will they forge their path together or pursue separate destinies?  An end and a beginning…No matter their decision, one thing is certain: they must work together to unite all Kinds if they have a hope of defeating their ultimate nemesis. The end is near…And so is a brand new beginning.

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Now Taria must face the fact her enemy Apu kidnapped her right from under everyone’s nose. Taria is now a prisoner in Hell, and her Impundulu powers cannot help her through this fight. The only saving grace is the voice she heard in the darkness of Katara, the fire elemental who gave a piece of herself in a necklace. Her protection will only last but so long, and Taria is determined to use all the time she has to escape or die trying. What Taria wasn’t expecting was an ally willing to help and protect her while she fights her way through the legions of demons in Hell. Taria’s only question is, can she trust him when he’s tried killing her once before?     Michael Vaughn is King over all Vampires, but he couldn’t save his heart with all his powers. Taria Cross, his Kindred Soul, was taken in front of his eyes, and there was nothing he could do. After finding his mother, a brother, he never knew existed, and a grandmother who was thought long dead, Michael still lost the one person who made it all worth it. Now Michael must find his other half and …(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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I snuck into a masquerade ball and did something reckless with a man dressed as Hades. How was I supposed to know it wasn’t a costume? When I ran off, I thought that was the end of it. But he’s abducted me to a beautiful palace in hell. Hades claims we were once married. He wants me to help him win a civil war in hell and rule as his queen. But I’m just a gardener. I don’t have any magic and I know nothing about warfare or diplomacy. I said no, but he’s given me three tasks to earn my freedom, each of them more sinful and impossible than the other. If I fail, I must stay with him forever. The more time I spend in hell, the more difficult Hades becomes to resist, especially when he stands at my bedside at night and stares down at me with those penetrating eyes. His kisses set me alight, his touch awakens something within me thats hotter than hellfire. If I succumb to his seductive ways, I might forget why I want to leave.

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HONEYCOMB by Joanne M Harris and Charles Vess

The beauty of stories; you never know where they will take you. Full of dreams and nightmares, Honeycomb is an entrancing mosaic novel of original fairy tales from bestselling author Joanne M. Harris and legendary artist Charles Vess in a collaboration that’s been years in the making. The toymaker who wants to create the perfect wife; the princess whose heart is won by words, not actions; the tiny dog whose confidence far outweighs his size; and the sinister Lacewing King who rules over the Silken Folk. These are just a few of the weird and wonderful creatures who populate Joanne Harris’s first collection of fairy tales. Dark, gripping, and brilliantly imaginative, these magical tales will soon have you in their thrall in a uniquely illustrative edition.

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Betrothed since birth there’s no getting out of it now. He knew from birth she was his fated mate. She’s dreamed of adventuring and keeping her heart to herself. For Malang it was love at first sight. There was only ever Anin. But as they’ve grown and assumed their rightful positions in the Court of Muiderkring East, there is a growing chasm between their beliefs. He strives for stability and a foundation from which the shifter community can grow. He believes in the old ways and the strong hand the Berzerken to lead their people forward. Malang has a bright outlook on the future if he could just tame his betrothed’s wild heart.     Anin, was born knowing her duty. She would wed a Sumatran tiger prince and unite their islands. The Princess of the ruling Javanese Black Leopards, she had always accepted her responsibility to marry whoever they told her to. But she also sees the corruption in the Berzerken and doesn’t want her people to blindly follow them. When they attend the Matching ceremony in the Netherlands Malang believes they will set a date for their wedding, while Anin intends to assassinate the Berzerken leader.

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Lead guitarist and apprentice mage Sylvis Jagwolfe has always been the quiet member of Rage of Angels. Though she enjoys spending time with her bandmates, she treasures moments of solitude when it’s just her, a guitar, and the wolf that’s been glued to her side lately. However, when battles against the Evil One’s horde accelerate, and her wolf turns out not to be a wolf, Sylvis discovers that she can’t remain in her shell any longer. She must emerge from the shadows, embrace her growing powers, and confront her awakening heart, or risk her side losing a critical alliance in the wars to come.

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QWYRK (QWRYK TALES) by Tim Rayburn

Qwyrk is having a bad day; several, in fact. One of the Shadow folk tasked with keeping an eye on humanity, she’s ready for a well-earned break in Yorkshire, but now she’s (literally) run into a girl, Jilly, who just saw something quite supernatural and truly awful happen in her town. As Qwyrk tries to unravel the mystery, layers of villainy are exposed, and she’s stuck with an assortment of unlikely folk that she’d rather not have “helping” her. Together, they confront ancient magic, medieval conspiracies, and the possible end of the world (that again?). It’s not the holiday Qwyrk was hoping for! QWYRK is the first in a series of four novels about the adventures of a group of misfits at the edge of reality in modern northern England, a world of shadows, Nighttime Nasties, sorcery, intergalactic councils, tacky nightclub attire, Monty Pythonesque humor, and even elves… though they are a bit silly.

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Kaito has always been attracted to werewolves of the opposite gender — until he meets his new sign language tutor, a flamboyant wolf named Stefan. As Kaito struggles with his own sexuality, Stefan starts to feel like an experiment. Can their love thrive or will Kaito’s indecision push them apart?

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Hunter and Mercy Goode are twin witches, direct descendants of the founder of their town of Goodeville. As their ancestors have done before them, it is now time for the twins to learn what it means to be Gatekeepers–the protectors of the Gates to different underworlds, ancient portals between their world and realms where mythology rules and nightmares come to life. When their mother becomes the first victim in a string of murders, the devastated sisters vow to avenge her death. But it will take more than magic to rein in the ancient mythological monsters who’ve infected their peaceful town. Now Hunter and Mercy must come together and accept their destiny or risk being separated for good.

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Peace has come amid the storm. But the cost by which that peace was earned was great—the lives of the Romanian pack alphas, and Cypher, king of the warlocks. Now, the Great Luna has declared a period of mourning, allowing her children a brief respite in their battle against the Order of the Burning Claw. A violation of the command means certain death. But peace doesn’t extend to everyone. Lilly Pierce, the surviving widow of the warlock king, must now take his place as the leader of the warlock race. Unfortunately, she’s in no condition to do it. Her heart has been shattered. Lilly has found love twice in her life, and both times, it’s been ripped away. Now, the warlock clans are looking to their new queen for guidance, or waiting for her to falter. To keep her throne, Lilly will have to prove she’s worthy of it, or risk losing more than just her title. ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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Sephia has always known that her younger sister was destined to wed the prince of the Sun Court. Long ago, the human kingdom of Middlemage struck a bargain with the neighboring fae that resulted in peace between them. As part of that bargain, one of the two ruling Fae courts lay claim to a human bride from each new generation. As long as anyone can remember, this is how it has been: The fae come to take their bride on her eighteenth birthday, the humans allow one to be stolen away, and the peace continues.  Until now. Until the Sun Prince comes for her sister, and Sephia does the unthinkable: She disguises herself with magic and goes to the altar in her sister’s place. And she doesn’t intend for her marriage to end happily ever after. But Sephia soon finds that all is not as it seems within the cruel and sparkling Court of the Sun. The king is sick. Strange shadows paint the halls of his palace, leaving death in their wake. The prince is desperate to find answers, whatever the cost. And Sephia is the wrong bride, but she may be the right woman to help the prince save his world—That is, if they can somehow find a way to work together… while ignoring the forbidden passion igniting between them.

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The scales are tipping in the wrong direction in the fight between good and evil. The veil thinning has allowed something to happen that Soraya Devil has never seen in her thousand years alive.
While the side of “good” is worrying about the rules and being petty, the demons are testing limits and cheating the laws of nature… And of course everyone expects her to handle it like she’s a superhero instead of one overworked woman. As well as ramp up her farms and production to help the income and jobs for supes across the world. Plus, deal with the enchanter heirs and too much crap there. Along with handle the growing issues facing all supes in the UK. Needless to say, she’s at the end of her patience before she gets pulled into a new case that leaves her stumped for answers. What she does know she can’t fully reveal to the humans, and that makes too much explode fast.
But when two viable options offer her help and to take more off her plate, she finds herself asking what will it cost her, and is she willing to pay the price?

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Reunited with her crew, Vice is on the hunt for Drake’s treasure. But there’s a good reason it hasn’t been seen in two hundred years – it’s hidden by fiendish clues and deadly traps. To keep her crew – her family safe, she can’t afford a single misstep. That’s easier said than done with a distraction like Knigh Blackwood around. Knigh might not sail for the Navy anymore, but he’s found a new place in the world – home with Vice on the Venatrix. Even as he longs for more than ‘just friends’, he battles with demons from his past and one from his present. To save his family, he needs money. Lots of it. A legendary treasure would be the perfect solution. But traps and troublesome feelings aren’t the only dangers they face. When treachery strikes at the heart of pirate-kind, no one is safe: not their home, not Knigh’s family, not even the Pirate Queen herself.

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How can Cal live when the monster remains in the mirror? Cal is struggling. After his past unraveled into a torment that claimed nearly his whole family, how could he not be? The only good left in his life is Layla, even if she comes with a pain-in-the-haunches incubus. Dealing with Ink is one more problem he’s ignoring, until the werewolf issues he’s refused to face come for him. A second pack is hunting him and they’re threatening his mother. Cal has no choice but to travel back to Santa Fe and confront them, or lose the last family he has left. While a road trip with Layla sounds nice, Ink has to come along, and the demon keeps driving a growing wedge between Cal and his tenuous grasp on humanity. Cal, Ink and Layla come face to face with an enemy Cal once believed to be nothing but a myth, his claws and fangs useless against their firepower. What do they want with the witch, werewolf and demon? And, most of all, how can they be stopped?

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MADDOX – Mates are supposed to be forever, but nine years ago I found mine sleeping with another man. Every night I both curse the Moon Goddess for pairing me with such an unfaithful woman and beg her for another chance to find a mate who could love me, because a callous and unruly alpha like me isn’t cut out to raise a daughter on his own. But the years pass by, and I find myself loathing everyone, especially that sonavbitch’s daughter, Jade. She is a constant reminder of who her father used to be before I tortured him. When the Chaos hits, for the first time in nine years, like a mother fuckin’ train, I stare at Jade from across the dark forest and vow that I would never let another woman get close enough to hurt me again, especially if she’s my mate.     JADE – Mates mean nothing, at least that’s what my father said when he cheated on Mom with the luna of our pack.
I didn’t believe in them then, and I don’t believe in them now. And nothing, not even the Chaos, could change my mind. But when the forest goes dark and the Chaos descends upon the dark valley, I find myself staring back at Maddox, my alpha and the annoying prick who has made my life a living hell these past nine years. If I hate anything more than the mate bond, it is that the Moon Goddess destines me to be with Alpha Maddox. Too bad I will never let him into my life.

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Since Annabelle died, every day had been a struggle – and every night a torment. When he staggered home after a rattlesnake bite and found a dark-haired beauty tending his fire, Gabriel thought the creature’s venom had driven him mad. Made him conjure up the specter of his beloved wife. Asila was no ghost. A Cherokee Medicine woman, she hid in the forest to evade the soldiers who rounded up her tribe and forced them to march to the barren plains of the Oklahoma Territory. She’d never have set foot in his cabin if it hadn’t been for her niece. Fearing her youngest child wouldn’t survive the Trail of Tears, Asila’s sister hid the toddler in a cave before the soldiers dragged her away. When Asila found her the little one was burning up with the Fever. She needed Asila’s medicine to keep her alive – and Asila needed the settler’s fire to brew it. She never planned to stay. But the pain on Gabriel’s face told her he needed her healing skills as much as the child did…(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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Drake Vohjol is a centuries-old vampire with a single mission: grow his blood-for-sale business. He’s not interested in becoming a patron to a fledgling human woman who needs help developing mysterious skills. Unfortunately for him, he’s a vampire of his word, so when he is accidentally assigned to become patron to one of those Chosen humans, he grudgingly does as is required, not expecting Kartina Gomez, a stunning, innocent young woman who, skills or no, he wants in his bed.
Except the rules are clear: the relationship between patron and Chosen must remain strictly professional. For this Viking-turned-vampire, raiding and pillaging wasn’t half as challenging as keeping his hands—and fangs—away from Kartina.

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Having returned to the continent following Warren’s illness, Stephan and Warren are certain they’ve escaped the notice of spies from Seveihar and are ready to build a new future for themselves. However, their quiet life is shaken once again when they receive a message from Stephan’s sister, Nessa. She begs him to return home and help her stand against their older brother, Robert, who is abusing his power by oppressing his subjects and starting an unnecessary war with the neighboring country of Esnia. With dark family secrets coming to light, Stephan is faced with a difficult choice between safety and happiness in exile with the man he loves, and his duty as a prince to protect his people from tyranny. And yet, amid all the dangers, the greatest risk he might face is a broken heart.

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VS note: From APR 27

With Trenton Woods officially missing, The Furies are under the care of their new manager, the legendary Xandria Malcom. As if that wasn’t enough pressure, the band will soon be playing at the Metallizer Festival and opening for the one and only Emperor Immortal. All of Lottie Ferro’s dreams are finally coming true, but all good things demand sacrifice. Music is fading from Lottie, one song at a time. Campers are disappearing from the festival, and The Furies fear something worse than witches is to blame. As tensions mount within the band, Lottie must find a way to make peace with what’s done or risk losing more than just her music or her sisters. This time, she might just lose herself.

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VS Note: The plot sounded so heart tugging I one clicked it!

Lazarus has spent his life running from horrendous beginnings that formed the base of the male he believes he is today. He blames himself for a tragedy that occurred before he was even old enough to take care of himself properly. His early childhood and that one tragedy have resulted in an unreasonable fear of the power females can hold over you if you let them in. So he doesn’t. He holds himself apart, just a little piece of himself held deep inside that no one is ever allowed to see or touch, and that keeps him safe — or so he thinks. But now the veterinarian who saved his life is turning it upside down. She wants him, and he knows it. But he’s afraid she’ll see the male he truly is and walk away, proving his view of himself.    Alex has spent a long time alone and she’s fine with that. Her veterinary practice, her friends and her animals have been enough for her — she’s got a good life. Her veterinary expertise puts her in a unique position of being trusted by the local shifters for medical care when their condition prohibits them from being taken to the hospital. When gravely injured, some cannot hold their human form and that’s a risk that can’t be taken — so they call Alex. That’s how she found and saved Lazarus. His injuries were so severe she wasn’t sure he’d make it, but she stayed by his side until he was strong enough to survive. She healed him, saved his life, now if only she could save his heart. Despite a love and unspoken tie to one another, Alex and Lazarus just can’t seem to get on the same page. When things finally start taking a turn for the better, Lazarus is called out of town to assist a friend in need. Alex anxiously awaits his return, hoping they can pick up where they left off. But then he changes all the rules — when he returns he’s not alone — he’s brought home another woman.

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Clementine’s adventures continue in Shiplap and Spell hunting! When a mysterious portal opens up in Norma Ray’s barn, giving people everything they wish for, Clem and Rufus are on edge, doing everything they can to close it as quickly as possible. But that’s easier said than done. When the whole town discovers the portal’s abilities, everyone is wishing for their heart’s desire. Only some folks want things that should never be wished for–namely Malene. And when Clem and Rufus discover what will happen if they don’t close the portal–namely the destruction of their town, they jump into high gear, doing everything they can to shut it down. But nothing works. Can Clem and Rufus close the portal, or will it destroy Peachwood?

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You know that sickly feeling in the pit of your stomach when things have not just gone wrong, but very, very wrong? Yeah, that feeling. Like when you find yourself alone, facing off against an angry pontianak, a type of Asian vampire, who on top of being powerful, magical, and deadly, hates your guts. At the time the risk seemed worth it to find out more about my magic. Now? I wish I’d just stuck to barbering the supernatural. Given my weak magic, I’m going to have to find a way to talk myself out of this. Fast.

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VS Note: From APR. Saw this on the WOCinRomance website.

Their affair was supposed to be a little fun, a lot of sex, but most of all…SECRET. Witches and shifters didn’t get along, so the chances of it going further should’ve been nil. Except…Brent was an alpha used to getting what he wanted and he wanted Mercedes. All of her. So he’d go along with her ‘lil affair idea’ until he could convince her that they belonged together.

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Henry thought he had it all. The perfect job, the perfect boyfriend, and a future with the two of them living the good life just one question away, but when his romantic proposal goes sideways, Henry leaves it all behind. Surrounded by nature, Henry rebuilds the dilapidated house and his heart. He might be out of practice, but his love of woodworking and youth spent on his grandparents’ farm prepared him for this. But he’s not as alone as he believes! Unbeknownst to Henry, he’s not just repairing the house and the surrounding farm. His efforts have awakened the harvest god, Tano. Tano never intended to come to this country. When a man stole his shrine and brought it here in the waning days of gods and spirits, he did everything he could to help the old man and his wife find some comfort in the foreign land. ..(more blurb on ebook seller page…)

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I crave adventure and a real man, the kind who sweeps a woman off her feet and steals her breath away. But all I get in grad school is losers who don’t even know how to kiss. My friends talk me into a day trip to an Old West ghost town for “fun.” It’s a truly lame excursion–until I’m catapulted back in time and straight into the arms of Sheriff Nathaniel Fortescue, the hottest British cowboy ever.
Kylie Drummond is not like any woman in the Devil’s Outlands. She speaks strangely and dresses strangely, but unlike anyone else in this town, she does not fear me. That’s her first mistake. I’ve been cursed to walk the night as a wolf ravening for blood, though Kylie will never know that. To protect her from me and from the Outlands’ worst elements, I must find a way to send her home–wherever or whenever that may be. Nathaniel thinks I can’t figure out his secret, but I’ve read enough novels about werewolves to get the picture. The attraction between us is red-hot and dangerous. Am I destined to save him? Or to destroy us both? When Nathaniel’s past sins threaten to unleash unspeakable evil, it’s not a matter of where we can hide. It’s a matter of when.

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Time is running out for us to stop the time curse. Scratch that, time is non-existent anymore. But while the world around me crumbles I’m forced closer to the guys that have deemed themselves my protectors.  But they can’t protect me from one thing-myself.

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DAUGHTER OF THE SKY by Alison Blasdell

Nine months have passed since Jennifer fell unconscious while at the British Museum and began seeing life through the eyes of Bronze Age Priestess Cela. Those visions have finally ended, and Jennifer is hoping she can resume a normal life. That wish is not to be. The visions have returned, and Jennifer’s life is, once again, thrown into turmoil.  This time, Jennifer sees Lady Gwenivere Tudor, the illegitimate daughter of King Henry VIII of England. The year is 1522. Each vision draws Jennifer more deeply into the life of Lady Gwenivere and the political maneuverings of King Henry and his rival, a powerful earl of Scotland. Kidnapped by a masked renegade, Gwenivere finds she is a pawn in a dangerous game and must rely on her inner strength and intellect to survive. Emboldened by Gwenivere’s courage, Jennifer, with noted archaeologist Derek Rannoch by her side, begins her own journey to find the truth of who or what she is. But this time, it is not Cela from the Bronze Age or Lady Gwenivere from the Middle Ages whose life is in danger—it is Jennifer’s.

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I should have felt it coming. I should have been prepared for saying goodbye. But then why would I when I had no reason not to trust him. When I had no reason to doubt his words. But now I was left only doubting my own. For surely Lucius would come for me? Surely, he would realise his mistakes.
Because we both knew that mistakes in Hell could be deadly and well, for this Queen of Sins it could mean only one thing, My King was going to War and this time…He was Fighting his Past.

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VS note: From APR 30

I, Aurelia Delianna Clementine, used to have all my screws intact as the strongest — and sole hybrid — of the Clementine family. With magic that could destroy New York with a snap of my fingers, it’s a good thing my inner mini-wolf had more sanity than me, especially after I lost a chunk of myself when I was rejected by my best friend. That incident destroyed the future I envisioned for us, but now I’m living my best life with my bestie CEO, Willow De Luca, and her stalker “not my boyfriend” Onyx Charm. When two new packs enter New York, I decide to have some fun with them, but I never expected to meet him again: Ace Hunter. My former best friend — or should I say, my destined mate who rejected me? In a world of darkness and threatened power lineages, I’ll have to prove to him and his dangerous pack that I’m not the same helpless hybrid he abandoned way back then.
I may be crazy, high on happy pills, and talk to myself from time to time, but I’m more powerful than ever before. It’s time for him to face the consequences of breaking a Clementine.

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My parents were brutally murdered when I was five years old. Their killer has spent the last twenty five years in prison for his terrible crimes – but I still have unanswered questions. After all, I am the phoenix. When I die, I am reborn in fire and brimstone. It happens again and again and again. I have no idea where my strange ability came from and nobody to ask. Now another shocking murder has been committed in the small village where my parents died and there is evidence which suggests the killer is supernatural. The crime gives me the perfect reason to return to my childhood home. I can offer my expertise as a Supe Squad detective – and seek the truth behind what I really am. The trouble is that I might not like what I find.

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I was considered a traitor in my community of bear shifters. After all, I was the enemy for marrying a wolf shifter. Now widowed and alone, my return home was beyond unwelcome. But, I was in for a pleasant surprise..Two sexy bear brothers, twins no less. Both fighting for the Alpha position and both fighting for me. Double the trouble. They showed me a side of myself that I didn’t think existed…That my heart could love again. A deep dark secret stands in the way of my happily ever after.. and secrets can’t stay hidden forever..Especially when your secret starts to show. Either brother could be the daddy. Which brother will I choose…When the secret pops out,  will I even have a choice?

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MISDIRECTION (BLOOD TRAILS BOOK 10) by Jennifer Blackstream

Shade’s latest case from her Unseelie master drags her into the home of a ruthless Seelie lord. A set of enchanted goblets has been stolen, and he wants her to find the thief. To make matters interesting, Flint has a relationship with the Seelie lord in question—He’s his stepbrother. Cael is proof that not all horrors come from the darkness. As the most infamous interrogator for the Court of Light and Illusion, he’s built a reputation for torture that goes beyond the physical. And he’s looking for a reason—any reason—to subject his stepbrother to his tender mercy. The stakes are raised when a member of the household is murdered, and Shade’s group joins the suspect list. Surrounded by secrets and treachery, Shade is forced to question the loyalties and motives of everyone around her. Unfortunately, Cael’s patience is running out. Now he’s given Shade an ultimatum: Catch the thief. Catch the killer. Or pay for both with her own blood.

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VS Note: From APR 30

When my family left our small, ultra-conservative pack back in Utah to join a giant pack in Northwest Louisiana, I thought I’d be able to coast through my last year of high school in semi-anonymity, then get the fuck away from wolf pack politics and just live my life for awhile. But the Moon decided to prolong my torture by placing my fated mate in front of my face on my first day at Blackstone Academy. He’s the Alpha’s son and king of a school crawling with shifters, and it turns out he doesn’t care to be saddled with a Moon-chosen mate who he thinks is a nobody omega wolf. When he rejects me in front of every shifter in school, I vow to harden my heart, become impervious to the constant, deep hurt of the rejection, and figure out how to be the first wolf in known history to shake the taint of a rejected fated mate bond. I’m also becoming closer to a new student—a smoking hot and intriguing human, who I can’t manage to scare off even with the drama that surrounds me and the poisonous pack politics that I can’t seem to escape. I can’t even tell him what’s really going on, but I think he’s keeping secrets from me, too. I’m Mave Fortune, and my mate threw me out like yesterday’s garbage. But fuck that guy.

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THE KINGDOMS by Natasha Pulley

Joe Tournier has a bad case of amnesia. His first memory is of stepping off a train in the nineteenth-century French colony of England. The only clue Joe has about his identity is a century-old postcard of a Scottish lighthouse that arrives in London the same month he does. Written in illegal English-instead of French-the postcard is signed only with the letter “M,” but Joe is certain whoever wrote it knows him far better than he currently knows himself, and he’s determined to find the writer. The search for M, though, will drive Joe from French-ruled London to rebel-owned Scotland and finally onto the battle ships of a lost empire’s Royal Navy. In the process, Joe will remake history, and himself.

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Fiona – I’ve been locked up for almost ten years. After many failed attempts, I narrowly escape my stepmother’s clutches. My freedom comes at a price, though—I’m alone, and I have no idea who I am. When I meet Gabriel, I think I have found my savior. It doesn’t hurt that Gabriel is hot as hell…
But, he’s involved in a world I don’t understand. I don’t know who to trust.     Gabriel – I’m a lone bear shifter and a park ranger in Ash Forest. I love my job and the isolation it brings. Humans can’t be trusted, and that’s why I stay as far away from them as I can. However, when I come across Fiona, I can’t help myself. But, my primal pull toward her only leads to trouble. We have to discover who she is and why her past has been wiped clean. I just hope we can find the truth before the dark forces destroy us all.

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I was married off, sold like a piece of property. But I don’t want to be a bargaining chip in other people’s plans. And so I do the craziest thing I can come up with. I become someone else’s mail order bride. The thing is that I’ve never been with a man. I don’t really know what’s expected of me.
Don’t know why my new husband makes me feel this… tingly. There’s this pressure deep in my belly, needing a way out. I know they are coming, but I keep getting distracted. I want to peel back the fabric of his shirt. To run my fingers along his muscles and trace every line. To feel safe and protected in his arms. But most of all…I want him to be the one to show me what it’s like.

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I must be going insane. My little boy just shifted into a dragon in the doctor’s office! What on earth is going on? What am I supposed to do? I know what I’m supposed to do, of course. I’m supposed to call his daddy. The guy I haven’t been able to get out of my mind for years. The guy I know I won’t be able to resist. The guy who doesn’t know that he has a secret baby.

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Angie is completely clueless when it comes to magic, until the discovery that she’s got enough power flowing through her veins to light a city, or destroy it.   Her entire life is thrown into turmoil, and there’s no possibility of walking away. Chris has a mission of his own, to find the most precious thing in the world. The one stolen right out of his grasp. Together, the two of them face challenge after challenge, each fighting for a life taken from them.

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BROKEN SKIES (THE DRAGON’S GIFT – THE STORM BOOK 4) by Veronica Douglas and Linsey Hall 

I must risk everything. I’ve become what I feared most, and a demon is hunting me for my power. He’s opened a portal to the underworld, and I’m the last piece in his puzzle. If he captures me, he’ll use my magic to desolate the world. The only person who can help me is Damian Malek, a cursed angel. He’s sexy, powerful, and ruthless, and we can’t seem to stay apart. The only problem is—our attraction is fatal. When the veil to the underworld breaks, we’ve got one shot to save our world. We’ll have to confront my past, find the secret of my magic, and broker a deal with the angels—a deal that could cost Damian everything. Will it be enough, or will we both end up broken?

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When I was sixteen, I met the love of my life in magic school. He’d appear exactly once a year at the annual masquerade ball, then vanish…Fast forward to the present: to the night I’m attacked and my hidden wolf emerges. As it turns out, I’m a freakin’ hairy, tail-wagging, shape-shifting werewolf so instead of returning to the human world after graduating, I’m dragged to Moon Valley to control my inner beast. Only problem is, I’m not just a wolf. And someone wants me dead because of it. When I meet the alpha heir, sparks fly. And bombshell—he’s my supposed wolfy fated mate, but he’s nothing like the boy I loved. He’s cold, sullen, a total jerk but impossibly gorgeous. Of course. And he’s got secrets too. Despite hating him most days, I can’t deny the irresistible attraction…and neither can he. Even after he rejects me.  Little does he know, I’m more than capable of taking care of myself—maybe even capable of taking his claim as alpha.

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Safe to say Achim’s life wasn’t going as planned. First, his mission for the fire goddess ended up with him—a hellhound who’d never actually been to hell—being sent precisely there. Worse, he found himself stuck in the strange hellscape with Ozias, a guy who’s a) hotter than the fire of both suns in the hell-realm, b) really, really likable, despite his arrogance, and c) oh yeah, the actual prince of hell. Their connection comes in handy, though, when a demon escapes into the human realm and Ozias is sent to track it down. With magic fluctuating wildly around them, the hellhound pack is run ragged trying to keep the supernatural world a secret from the humans… especially since Achim is just a wee bit distracted keeping his mind and hands off the gorgeous-but-cocky prince. But when the strange forces wreaking havoc on the human realm attempt to drive Achim and Ozias apart… well, that’s when things get really messed up. Because if they think they’re gonna keep a hellhound from the guy who might just be his mate… They’re gonna watch all hell break loose.

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VS Note: This week I’m featuring one from my standalone backlist, although it’s part of the bigger connected Sectors universe. ESCAPE FROM ZULAIRE – I’d always wanted to write a story where the characters were unexpectedly caught behind enemy lines when a war broke out. The novel won the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award for 2014. I loved this part of a review from Kirkus:

“A fine work of science fiction that’s only occasionally hampered by its romance-novel conventions.”

Yeah, give me those romance novel conventions LOL!!!

Another fun piece of trivia, one of the secondary characters (Mitch) was inspired by a Clint Black song and when that was mentioned in a USA Today interview, the singer sent me a very sweet tweet! I was thrilled…

Blurb: Andi Markriss hasn’t exactly enjoyed being the houseguest of the planetary high-lord, but her company sent her to represent them at a political wedding. When hotshot Sectors Special Forces Captain Tom Deverane barges in on the night of the biggest social event of the summer, Andi isn’t about to offend her high-ranking host on Deverane’s say-so—no matter how sexy he is, or how much he believes they need to leave now.

Deverane was thinking about how to spend his retirement bonus when HQ assigned him one last mission: rescue a civilian woman stranded on a planet on the verge of civil war. Someone has pulled some serious strings to get her plucked out of the hot zone. Deverane’s never met anyone so hard-headed—or so appealing. Suddenly his mission to protect this one woman has become more than just mere orders.

That mission proves more dangerous than he expected when rebel fighters attack the village and raze it to the ground. Deverane escapes with Andi, and on their hazardous journey through the wilderness, Andi finds herself fighting her uncomfortable attraction to the gallant and courageous captain. But Deverane’s not the type to settle down, and running for one’s life doesn’t leave much time to explore a romance.

Then Andi is captured by the rebel fighters, but Deverane has discovered that Zulaire’s so-called civil war is part of a terrifying alien race’s attempt to subjugate the entire Sector. If he pushes on to the capitol Andi will die. Deverane must decide whether to save the woman he loves, or sacrifice her to save Zulaire.

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